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Although Jamaica is very popular among the tourists looking for a fun-packed beach holiday to cherish enough of sun, surf and sand, its potential for being a wellness and medical tourism destination can never be […]

Medical Tourism in Jamaica

If you are hearing a lot about dental tourism and wish to understand some key aspects of it, here is a brief medical tourism procedure guide to provide you critical information on this type of

Guide to Dental Tourism

For long, Greece has been regarded as the birthplace of medicinal science. It was also considered as one of the world’s leading holistic centers in ancient times. The recent surge of interest in holistic science

Medical Tourism in Greece

Medical tourism industry in Germany has boomed over the past few years because of the medical infrastructure available. No accurate data about medical travelers visiting Germany is available. According to estimates, 150,000-200,000 travelers visit Germany

medical tourism in Germany

El Salvador is gradually developing as one of the popular medical tourism hubs in Latin America. The main supporting factors for this sector is its proximity to the US and Canada that can attract North

Medical Tourism in El Salvador
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