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Your guide to setting up a designer tree house


Choosing the right tree Choosing the right tree is the main step of building a tree house as it calls for some careful considerations. The tree should be old and thicker as far as the width is concerned. One should build the tree house in such a way that allows the tree to grow as well. To have a strong base, one needs a straight trunk which is at least 24 inches in diameter.


Tree attachment bolt A tree attachment bolt is a twelve to twenty four inches long steel rod inserted in the heartwood of the tree which allows the tree house to stand firm on the tree. The most important aspect of the tree attachment bolt is that it allows the tree to grow.


Beams Beams are usually placed on the tree attachment bolt and the stronger it is, the more weight it can carry for the tree house. In a classic tree house, two beams are installed which are 12 foot long four by tens.


Support A tree house needs four by six angle braces to prevent the frame of the tree house from bending. The supports are fixed in the frame with the help of screws that are usually 10 inches long. One should start by creating the deck’s frame then covering it with the decking boards and lastly, add walls and other interesting things like ropes, balcony, and fire poles.


Restricting the tree’s growth While building a tree house, one should add spacers between beams and the tree so, that the growth of the tree is not restricted. The best way is to add a two-inch gap if the tree passes through the floor and an inch gap if the tree passes through the roof. Summary A tree house is an excellent space for a child. Make the tree house interesting and lovely, but do not ignore the health of the tree that is going to support the house.]]>


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