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Aluminum fencing is a better choice than its competition


As a good fencing material, aluminum has an excellent corrosion resistance. This is because of the thin surface layer (aluminium oxide), formed when this metal reacts with oxygen when exposed to air. This prolongs its life and makes it durable because it does not rust.Secondly, aluminium has low weight and thus can be easily used to fence as opposed to heavy metals. It is easily lifted and doesn’t fall off poles because of its lightweight. It is lighter than titanium and steel.Aluminium is high in strength. Its strength per unit weight is higher than those of steel and iron for example. It is as strong as titanium. A good fence has to be strong, lest it looses its security importance.


Due to its polycrystalline structure, aluminium is malleable, ductile and brittle. It can be drawn in wire and even flattened with hammer when need arises during fencing.Aluminium is easily machined/ fabricated and offers great labor cost savings than most metals. It can be cut easily, drilled, punched, sheared, insulated, milled and tapped (threading). All this makes it an excellent fencing material.Aluminium is a good electric conductor, five times better than iron, and thus used to make electric fences. This enhances greater security as people, animals and other living things cannot pass through an electric fence or else they are electrocuted.


Lastly, aluminium is recyclable. It can be used over and over for the same purpose and thus saves on cost and time.There are certainly advantages and disadvantages to every metal, which makes every one of them suited to specific locations more than the others. Therefore, choosing suitable fencing material will ensure your satisfaction for years.SummaryAluminum can be used for the high quality gates and fencing. However, seeing that most individuals are not up on properties of different metals they may find it difficult to decide on the one to select. If in doubt, remember Aluminum is an excellent choice.]]>


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