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Why are relationships breaking off too soon?

Have you ever wondered what life would be if you wake up only to find that, you are all alone. The need for relationships and a companion is the basic right of every human. Today, relationships are not the same as they were during the 60’s or 70’s.  Do you ever ask yourself – Why are relationships breaking off too soon?

If you observe your parents or grandparents, in most cases, you will find that they somehow know how to make their marriage work out. It is not that they do not have their share of fights or problems; however, even in the midst of the confusion, they just knew how to make things work.

Relationships are not as difficult to handle as we make them

relationships breaking off Being in a relationship is not difficult but not easy either. It requires your time, energy, efforts and patience. Whether you look at the relationship between parents and children, couples or even friendship, relationships that lack communication, understanding, trust and loyalty are bound to break.

Why are relationships breaking off too soon?

One of the biggest drawbacks in today’s world is the lack of time. Although you do have the few that make sure they take out time for their loved ones; most of the time, people are busy in their own lives. Parents are working hard to make sure that their children get the best. Children are engrossed in their own activities. Partners just do not have that much of time to spend with each other. In short- everybody is living their own lives and often do not have that much of time for their loved ones.

The true face of relationships is seen during your worse times

relationships breaking off

The success of any relation is not based on the amount of time you spend with each other. The test of time and the way you surpass every obstacles helps to strengthen the bond that the two people share.  A true relationship is not one that stands by you during your good times. It is only during your downfall or the worst phase of your life; that you will actually know the true colors of the relationships you have.

When you are going through a downfall, things may seem out of control. You may also find your life going ballistic. These are passing and testing phases of any person’s life. As humans, it is natural to have expectations. Most of the time, we expect our loved ones to be by our side at all times. At times, we also tend to take them for granted. One of the reasons to the question- Why are relationships breaking off too soon; is because we feel hurt that the relationships we count on do not help us at the time of need.

Arguments are taking over communication

Arguments are taking over communicationWhen you are in a relationship, having arguments is a part of it. However, many couples take things to a very different level.  Most of the time, arguments have become the only form of communication today. This kind of gap equally is the reason why many couples end their relationships.

It is not because of the fact that they are upset with each other; in fact, when you read between the lines, it is more of a frustration or just a fear of drifting away from each other. When two people cannot sit down and speak in a calm tone, it is a clear indication that things are over . They are only hanging on to each other to suit their comfort or need.  The frustrations are the main reason’s of why relationships breaking off.

Why are relationships breaking off too soon? The blame game is the escape route

relationships breaking off How many of you have the guts to admit that you were wrong in a relationship? Have you ever tried to sit down and analyzed why things went wrong?  The he-said she-said game is one of the most common things that you will find today. In the first place, this should not even be in the picture.

It is easy to point fingers and put the blame on somebody else. What we fail to understand is that – It takes two hands to clap and one hand to slap. When you are in a relationship, you and your partner are equally responsible for its success and failure.

The givers are givers and takers are takers

relationships breaking off Relationships should be based on mutual understandings and not one person giving while the other takes. Many a times, we often hear people say how much they have kept on giving in a relationship. How many of you can truly say that you are in a relationship that is based on mutual understanding?

When you come to think of it, there is a difference between reality and illusion. A few people prefer to live in a state of denial and often fool themselves. This is especially in the case when the person is the giver of the relationship. They often tend to justify their partner’s action as a reaction to something that they have done.

The difference between acceptance and expectations is not defined

relationships breaking off

There is a big difference when you accept a person and expect things to be the way you want. The key factor to a successful relationship is accepting a person they way they are. The minute you start developing expectations, things take a 360 turn.

Expectations have become root cause to many problems between couples today. We expect our partner to spend time with us. We expect our partner to understand us but we fail to understand them. We expect our partner to change but often refuse to make changes ourselves. This is one of the worst mistakes any couple can do.

Things can work if the two really want

COUPLE ARGUMENTAs a couple, both of you are equally responsible for your relationship. If you genuinely want things to work out, the two of you should not leave any stones unturned. Setting aside your personal differences and letting bygones be bygones is very important when you are in a relationship.

A small chance can make a big difference; we have heard this phrase a lot. The question that we often forget to ask ourselves is – Why are we not willing to make small changes in our relationships? Whenever there is a problem in society, we are willing to stand up and ask for justice; however, when there is a problem in our relationships; why do we give up and say- Forget it.

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