If the Wife is Persistent Enough, She can have the Last Word; Almost Always

Am I Always Right?

The Husband accuses me of continually having the last word. He says I enforce it, even though I even have to bring the topic up hours later. Well, in my defense, it’s solely as a result of typically slow person that it takes me that long to return up thereupon with a good last line. You recognize the comment, the one that nobody will trump. To say I have to continually be right is an underestimation. The actual fact is I’m continually right…even once I’m wrong. And well, snarky too, however simply not continually in a very timely manner. Purpose is that within the thirty and years I’ve known the Husband, in “our” arguments, I’ve ne’er been wrong. Ok, I simply say, I even have been wrong, and “most” of the days I even have admitted it and apologized. It’s simply such a rare prevalence, that he forgets and continues to accuse me of being continually desperate to be right and have the last word. Ok, I therefore admit it…I marvel if I will place a lock on this post so he doesn’t scan those words? Coz you recognize he’ll make me eat those words.

No Matter what the Argument, I got to Win

No Matter what the Argument, I got to Win

You must take into consideration the sort of arguments we’ve got. They’re not traditional husband/wife arguments regarding cash or who’s aiming to take the trash out. These are trifle trivia arguments. I mean Husband thinks he is aware of everything. He’s pretty dang sensible, however there are some things I do know a little regarding. For instance, we have a tendency to tear within the mountains one weekend where we didn’t have pc access on behalf of me to prove my purpose once, in all these disputes befell. Anyway, I assume we have a tendency to enjoy a Bee Gee’s song and Husband aforesaid one thing regarding Andy Gibb being one in all them. I remarked that he wasn’t, that the Bee Gees were his brothers and he had a solo career. He argued me down that I used to be wrong. I mean, come on, I solely had each poster ever written hanging on my bed area walls as a youngster, therefore so, I thought of myself somewhat of Andy Gibb. Anyway, once we got here home, I looked it informed the web to prove it to him…and does one understand what he tried to do?! He tried to mention that he aforesaid Andy wasn’t a part of the Bee Gees and that I aforesaid he was! Of all the nerve, I simply cask my head and walked away whereas in fact, having the last word underneath my breath!

When your Children Behave like you!


When your Children Behave like you!

Well, I ne’er knew however annoying it had been to live with somebody like me till it came back full force and bit me within the affirmative, the second born might seem like this Husband spat him out, however he acts similar to me. Oh, no, not EVER! He continually has the last word. And he doesn’t have to come hours later with a wise rebuttal…it’s on the tip of his tongue before I will toss my last word to deaf ears! You recognize however the way your oldsters say that simply can’t wait till you’ve got children and them…? Having a “last word” child is hard enough, however it’s nothing compared to a “last word” adolescent. Then you’ve got to feature high intelligence and extreme stubbornness to the combo. But yes, he did live to surpass his adolescent years. I bit my tongue an awful ton. Now, I do know why Husband typically has blood propulsion down his chin all the time.

There is a Need to be Right

There is a Need to be Right

Thus, one can see that if a wife is really persistent, she can have the last word quite often. Yes, sometimes, let’s say once in a while, under her breath, but she does. Maybe, wives just have a natural need to be right all the time. It is no hidden fact that women are most of the time a suppressed species. Hence, it is but natural for them to harbour a feeling of insecurity. However, at home there is a certain sense of freedom and a dying need for self respect. This is all the more so if the woman doesn’t go out to work. This makes her persistent to infuse the feeling that she is right all the time.

Thus, one can see what makes a persistent woman have the last word almost all the time.

Summary – The wife, who insists on the last word, often has it.” ~Kenneth Hutchin. The article is about how a persistent wife can really have the last word.

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