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Tips for decoding sounds and cries of your child

While expressions and gestures are not the only thing that can be a challenge when you are trying to figure out what your child wants, the other things that can make things a task can also be the sounds and cries. As per studies that have been done,  doctors have also confirmed that if you pay close attention to the sounds your child makes, you can actually understand what they are trying to say especially since they follow that particular sound with a particular expression or gesture. These sounds do vary from one kid to another. However, there are a few basic sounds and cries of your child, which will tell you what is going on with them.

The challenge of being a working parent with a newborn 

sounds and cries of your childAs a working mother, life can be a real challenge especially when you have to handle a newborn.  Your life can go from being pretty relaxed to suddenly running around and doing multiple things at the same time. You will also find that you barely have any time for yourself.

As soon as you are home, you suddenly have to catch up with so many things that can just take your breath away. If you are working from home, then it can end up being a really exhausting experience since you have to do everything by yourself.

By planning things out properly, everything can actually work out really fine and you can still go ahead and steal a few minutes just for yourself from your day to day chores. Even the sounds and cries of your child can seem to be in the way when you have to do your household chores.

Avoid making the mistakes that other parents do

sounds and cries of your childEvery parenthood expertise will differ from the parent and child, having said that, there are also a few things that are very common not just for first-time parents, but also the experienced ones. The panic button of a parent is something that is always ready to be pressed on, this is one of the biggest mistakes you can ever do.

Especially during the first year, you have to learn how to stop reacting to every small thing and going ahead and letting things happen on their own. As a parent, we also feel that it becomes our responsibility to go ahead and ensure that we should do whatever it takes to prevent our children from crying too much.  There can be various reasons behind the sounds and cries of your child.

  • It could be that they are hungry
  • They need their diapers changed
  • Just want your attention
  • Your child is not keeping well.

It is really important that you should be able to tackle the situation instead of just going through the various assumptions that are natural for parents to make.

It good to take precautions but don’t cross the line 

sounds and cries of your child

Being a parent, we often go ahead and tend to overdo things only because we are afraid of being the reason for our child to develop something. It is good to ensure that you take preventive and precautionary measures for the well-being of your child, but there are times when parents tend to go overboard and may actually overdo many things. Panicking over every small thing or even going ahead and getting frustrated can actually end up in problems instead of finding solutions.

Handing your Newborn or child and understanding the sounds and cries of your child 

sounds and cries of your childA lot of times, it has been seen that parents tend to handle their newborns easily but they do tend to make a few mistakes. This is also very common for first-time parents. While handling your newborn you need to ensure that you take care of small details. This can be beneficial for your child, and also for the well-being of your child. A few tips in this front would include:

  • Using the hand sanitizer or washing your hands before you handle the baby. Due to the fact that your child’s immune system is still developing, they are vulnerable to various kinds of infections and diseases that can be a real problem for them. This is why you need to ensure that before somebody takes your child in their hands, they have to wash it.
  • Another important thing that you have to remember while caring for a newborn or a baby is to ensure that you provide the right kind of support to the neck and head of the child especially when you are carrying them or placing them down to lie.
  • If you feel that you have the need to wake your baby up, shaking them is something that is not recommended even by doctors. This is because the shaking motion itself can be really vigorous and considering how delicate your child is at this point in time, it can have effects that can be disastrous.
  • Never play rough with your child, for a child rough play can be really fun, but given the fact that their body is still developing, it can be a real danger. One of the most common things what you find a lot of parents doing is throwing the child in the air or even jiggling the knee. These are things that should not be done because that is something that can harm your child in a lot of ways.

Soothing and Bonding Techniques for the wellbeing of your child

sounds and cries of your childParents and children have to bond in the right way. This is one of the best times especially for infants and is also a sensitive time. Making a deep connection with your child can actually help your relationship with your child. It also helps in the emotional growth of your child and contributes to the physical growth of the child. Falling in love with your child and vice versa can help make things easy during your parenthood life.

Small things like the cooing, singing, babbling and even talking sounds of your child lets you know what your child is trying to say. Another great way to go ahead and bond with your child would be by listening to some music, which is soothing for the child.

This will help them in a lot of ways and even allows you to have that quality time spending with your child. For the fussy kids, a little poetry reciting, singing, nursery rhymes and even loud storytelling while sitting in a rocking chair can help calm your baby down and also help you to deal with your child. It also helps to understand how to tackle situations in a positive manner.


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