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Welcome your guests with an organised guest room

organised guest room

Guest room is an integral and equally important part of your house as are the other rooms. Guests rooms should be designed in such a manner that they can accommodate people comfortably and make them feel at home.

Many people use guest room cupboards as storage spaces. However, keeping the cupboards clutter free can give more space for the guests and prove to be a welcoming sign. Moreover, instead of placing their baggages on the floors or over tables, organising their stuff in the wardrobes/cupboards is a good way to keep the room clean when they are around. It also makes the guest feel at home instead of making them feel that they are staying in a motel or a lodge.

Guest rooms should be equipped with basic and essential everyday utilities. Keeping the right things at the right places can help the guest find things they need easily instead of enquiring for the same with you. Moreover, keeping utility stuff in small packages or boxes is always handy, for example, stacking up all toiletries in a small bag, Medical aid kept handy, etc.

Guest room if organised effectively can give a homely feel. Decorating the room with photo frames, books, attractive showpieces can make the room feel an inclusive part of the house. To some extent, the theme can match the decor of the rest of the house.

If you have pre-scheduled guests coming over, it is always advisable to decorate the room keeping the visiting individuals in view. Decorate the room with their favourite colour bed sheets, cushions or curtains. For a reading buff, you can always arrange interesting books on the shelves. For someone who loves listening to music a portable music system with their favourite albums can make the guest feel comfortable. Thus personalising and customising the guest room as per the guests taste is another handy tip.


Decorating your guest room is not a difficult and expensive task if done effectively. The interiors need not be heavy but basic objects if kept in an organised manner can surely make it more welcoming.

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