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Give your ceiling the illusion of being higher

Give your ceiling the illusion of being higher

Ceilings of a home are very important from the point of view of its design and functionality. Generally, the taller the ceiling, greater is the air circulation and natural lighting. For those houses where the ceilings are at an average height or are very low like those of a basement, here are five ways in which you can make your ceilings look higher.

Revealing the architectural skeleton of the ceiling

This one is especially for those who are madly fascinated by industrial style or exposed pipes and ductwork. A “raw ceiling” will give a dual advantage in that it will add to the beauty of the room as well as will provide you with more physical headroom.

Using recessed or canned lighting

Lights that emerge out from the ceiling will make a low ceiling look even much lower, and as a result, the room will look crammed and smaller. These few inches lost due to the out coming lights are very important and hence such rooms should use recessed lights. These lights are space efficient and are placed within the ceiling itself. Another option is to make use of wall lights instead of ceiling lighting.

Using the color white for painting the ceiling

White is the most widely used color for painting the ceilings and the best part is that the color enhances the décor of any room as well as gives a softening effect. White helps to virtually increase the height if any ceiling. For those who are not willing to use pure white, it is suggested that they should use a shade lighter than their walls for the ceiling to make it look raised.

Painting the ceiling color down onto the walls

Bringing the ceiling color a bit downwards on the wall is an excellent way to hide your lower ceiling behind the façade of an increased ceiling boundary that works psychologically to make a ceiling look higher.

Opting for increased number of windows:

Allowing as much natural light enter your room as you can makes the room look brighter and bigger. Windows have an expanding effect on any place hence removing all the curtains and drapes from the window will give you a feeling of spaciousness.


By incorporating these small yet important changes in your room, you will definitely make your room appear taller.

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