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Weird weapons that people have utilized for murder

<![CDATA[Murders are loathsome and unforgivable crimes some disgusting people commit. Some do it out of a maddening fit of rage while others do it on purpose. Murders are bad, they are weird and some are even weirder owing to the use of unusual objects in them. Here is a list of some super strange objects people have used to commit murders.


It scary to even think, let alone actually using a spatula found in our kitchens for murdering somebody. In an instance of child abuse, an angry 32-year old mother in Salt Lake City hit her 5-year-old daughter hard and several times with a spatula, resulting in her death.

Toilet Tank Lid

Love relationships are beautiful but some people try hard to make them ugly. In 2006, a lover murdered his beloved with a toilet tank lid. It is a story of Marvin Hill and his mistress Christina Eubanks who indulged in a deadly argument one day. She threatened him of disclosing their affair to his wife but before that, she was murdered.

Poisoned Vagina

This one is quite high on the weird quotient, as a Brazilian wife poisons her vagina on purpose. The story goes like, a husband denied divorce to his wife and the wife plots against him. She tried to play too smart, as she refused innumerable murder weapons and chose to apply a poisonous concoction on her vagina and then called her husband for an oral sex. He was about to do it but that obnoxious smell raised his brow and out of concern he rushed her immediately to the hospital. That is how her plan failed and her husband escaped his death.


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Many women have a penchant for a gorgeous shoe collection and probably only one woman has used shoe to murder somebody. Edith Maxwell, a 21-year-old schoolteacher in Wise, Virginia was found guilty and was sentenced 20 years in prison in 1935 for murdering her father with her shoe. She beat her father repeatedly and so hard that he died.


Jealousy and possessive nature have no space in a love relationship, and if it ever comes, it leads to disasters. A jealous boyfriend Jason Webster in 2007 killed her girlfriend Rebecca Love, stabbing her number of times with a pen on her head, neck and chest in Hull, England.

Murders are heinous crimes that some sick-minded people commit. Some murder weapons are common while some others are unique and strange.]]>


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