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The fun of having twins, and the parenting responsibilities of the situation

Twins are double the joy, double the fun and double the trouble. Not necessary double trouble though,many mothers of twins contradict on that. Here is how they think it is better to have twins.

Scenario at grocery shopping

When you have a single child screaming and shouting for a snack and lying on the floor of the store, people will think what’s wrong with the parent. Can’t she handle her child? Why doesn’t she give her what the child wants?

On the other hand, in case of twins, when one is screaming and crying and the other one is quiet and observant. People would know that it is the child, as one of them is behaving gently and the other one is playing tantrums.

The people, who walk past you in the grocery store simply admiring your child and smiling, will actually help you out in case of twins. It is natural to help a lady, struggling with two babies in her hand. You smile and appreciate their gesture when people load your cart.

Putting them on the same schedule

It is a rare chance that you twins have a same time for their activities, if they have lucky you.Inculcating the habit of doing stuff together would make parenting easy and fun. In fact, if you are able to train them that way, you will find parenting twins easier than parenting two kids of different age.

Of course, this will not happen in one day. You need to train them on a regular basis with patience. Make them sleep at one time, when one is hungry try to feed the other one as well. When they adapt to this behavior, you will cherish the moments nursing them.

Here is how you save money with twins

There are things that you need in pairs and there are things that you can avoid buying double. The cot or the crib is the first thing that comes to my mind that you need not buy in pair. You will see that the twins would love to sleep together, share their warmth and affection.

This is the place where they start bonding, this bond helps them come together in hard times throughout their lives. Then there are other things like activity mat and changing table that you can buy one. You probably might have heard of stores that offer discounts for twin’s stuff.

Parenting twins could be much more fun than you probably expect. Of course, you can fall back on help from the twin parenting communities.


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