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Traits of catastrophic parenting

Most parents would agree that parenting is a rollercoaster ride, you enjoy and scream as well. There are moments of highs and lows in every parent’s life. Here are some common mistakes that parents make and could be catastrophic.

Forcing them to eat

Forcing them to eat

Almost all parents do it, come on tell me someone who doesn’t? Many of us think that they are dumb and stupid and will starve themselves, if not forced to eat. Research has shown otherwise. Forcing is one reason that they do not want to eat, they fell hungry and they want to eat on their own.

You do not want to inculcate an unnecessary eating habit in your child and watch him turning obese later. Experts say that the best thing to do is give them a variety of healthy options. Informing the child about what is good to eat and what is not is required.

Helping your kids in their homework

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Surprised? Research has shown it to be true.Simply, think of it as if you are making your child dependent. Answers your kid’s queries is different from making him finish the entire homework.

Of course, you can help the kid in understanding the concepts, just don’t sit there all the time. Things can be tricky as your child enters teenage, his studies are going to be tougher and any mistake on your part could be discouraging for the child. Allow their schoolteachers to be their best guide in case of academics.

Letting them watch their parent’s argue irrationally

Little children covers their ears as their parents argue loudly behind

Well, arguments could be rational and can be converted in healthy discussions. On the flip side, a nasty fight could be a result of an argument. I am not saying that you need to keep every disagreement and argument under the carpet.

Children should be aware about disagreements, it is a fact and will be encountered in several situations of life.Often parents fight or quarrel in front of their children and later make up behind the doors. The children get confused, what really happened? Make sure you reach a resolution in front of them.

Comparing and criticizing them

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Do you remember your parents comparing your grades with that of your friends (only if he scored better)? How did you feel at that time?I am sure you do not want to lower the self-esteem of your child. Motivating to get better grades is a better idea, without any comparison.Never call your child with names or criticize him, especially publically. That is sure to make the child more defiant and against you. Talking things out is the best solution.

Give your child love and respect and never think that they do not understand things. A loveful gesture may inhibit him from doing anything wrong in the future. Don’t you remember how your parents treated you?


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