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Motivating teenagers towards learning and education

With parents whose child is in his/her teenage, its quiet often when you find your child getting lazy and turning away from his studies. Youmay find him bouncing off the walls at one moment while extremely indifferent and apathetic at the other.

This makes it extremely difficult to get along with such children and ends up in a situation where you find your child losing his morale and confidence and yourself helpless. For all those who are or are about to deal with such issues, here I have compiled this article to help you inspire and motivate your child in the best possible way.

Give them Space

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In the growing class of lazy and extremely unmotivated teenagers, majority of the children suffer from extreme burden of competition and the modern education system is equally responsible for that. In order to make your child a responsible human being, it is important that you allow him choose for himself his own course and be responsible for the results, even if he meets failure at first. Remember, not all children have equally matured brains and so you need to give your child space and time too.

Control Your Expectations

Control Your Expectations

The first and the worst reason behind teens getting unmotivated and lost is the huge expectation of their parents. Parents, being parents, sometimes fail to realize that not all children are equally gifted. If your child is not doing well in a certain activity or subject, he might have some other interests and likings. All you need to do is to discover the things that your child is good at and motivate him to perform better in those. Believe me, its better than getting your child lost forever.

Learn to Appreciate

Learn to Appreciate

All of us like to be compliment. A simple “good job” will make your child happy and stirred to perform better next time. However, be careful while complimenting. You need to be more like a coach than a parent. Do not praise the child on the things he hasn’t done. Instead, concentrate on his improvement and progress and praise him for that. Children understand the difference between flattering and genuine compliment.

Set Deadlines

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In order to improve your child’s performance and save him from becoming lazy, it is advisable that you set deadlines for his/her work. You can even gift them a visit to their cousin if they finish their work on time. This way both you and your child will be very happy.

Look out for Learning Disabilities

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Although it is hard to believe, your child’s decreasing performance might be due to some sort of learning disability like dyslexia, NLD and ADD. It is necessary that these problems are diagnosed.

Get Involved, Show Affection

Get Involved, Show Affection

The best way to bring out the best in your child is to show them you care, show them they and the things they do matter to you. Talk to them, find out their problem, get involved in their work. Do not do the work for them, but guide them in a way the child feels more loved and cared.

It is not easy to be a parent, but it’s not easy to be a child either. To keep your child motivated and determined, it is essential that you understand them and help them get over their difficulties.


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