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Wearable tech gadgets transforming home automation industry

Wearable technology has become a common thing, as it s being used to develop so many gadgets and devices in different fields. One such field wearable technology is showing its capacity in is home automation.

Home-control wearable technology

Wearable technology in home automation is in its infancy though but it seems it is going to go a long way, and it is certainly here to stay. Only few smart home gadgets powered by wearable technology have hit the shelves but the amount of appreciation they have, and the immense interest they have stirred in consumers show how much they have influenced consumers. Be it a smart watch, a fitness tracker, or a wearable device that connects all the smart devices in your home, the wearable technology is getting good response world over.

Talking about wearable technology’s role just in the home automation industry, it seems so bright. Imagine yourself wearing a ring, a bracelet pr a watch and coming back home. All you need to do is to make little gestures, as in lift up your finger to turn on the lights, flip your hand to change channels on your HDTV, Xbox1, and yet another gesture to dim the lights and play some soft music. Isn’t all this sound dreamlike and impossible? Well, it does sound fake but it is real, and all thanks to the wearable technology that is making inroads into our lives.

The Ring

The Ring looks like just an ordinary ring one puts on a finger but it is not an ordinary ring. It is finger based wearable designed for home automation purpose. It has a slight chunky design, as sensors and some electronics are installed in it that gives Ring capacity to control smart home automation devices. The Ring supports gesture control and recognizes even the smallest finger movements. Some of the gesture controls are pre assigned and some you can design yourself.


A very helpful home automation device that you can wear on your wrist, as it is a watch and a tracker altogether. It comes with two modules – the main HIRIS core and additional HIRIS tracker. A small OLED display, a Wi-Fi adaptor and Bluetooth 4.0, a set of different sensors such as accelerometer, gyroscope sensors of humidity, heart rate, pressure, and temperature, and a 200 mAh capacity battery.

The other module includes a battery of 100 mAh, has fewer sensors and has no screen. A HIRIS device supports gesture control, which makes it one ideal device that could control home automation systems. In addition, when you use it as a fitness tracker, it tracks your sleep quality, number of calories burnt, and your heartbeat and blood pressure count.


Misfit wearable technology is all set to make a mark in the field of home automation because of its cheap, affordable nature. Misfit seems to be the cheapest technology owing to its replaceable coin cell battery that works for six long months without recharge, and even more depending upon usage. All you are supposed to do is to click the device once and it controls functioning of light bulbs, door locks, thermostats, fire alarms, and burglar alarms.


Reemo is an ultra modern and a hi-tech form of a wristband. A wristband controls operation of appliances and gadgets in your smart home like televisions, vents, smart fans, doors, thermostats, and garage doors, all by using your gestures. Simply wear the Reemo wristband and point it towards the devices you want to turn on or off, move your wrist a bit and the work is done. How cool and convenient it is.

Home automation industry was already flourishing and the introduction of the wearable technology has helped it flourish even more. Wearable technology is literally transforming the home automation industry, for good.


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