Ways to Control Lawn and Garden Pests – The Green Cheapskate Way

Ways to Control Lawn and Garden Pests

Green ways to control garden pests and insects

If you want to make your garden chemical free, you should consider giving up your pesticides and anti-bug sprays with these earth friendly options.


Green ways to control garden pests and insectsGreen ways to control garden pests and insects

1. Kitchen waste as anti-pest solutions

You can use a range of waste from your kitchen to make plants less appealing and even poisonous to bugs and insects that harm them. You can use stale beer, spent coffee grounds, nut shells, eggshells etc, and spread them on the surface of the soil around the plants.

2. Banana peel protector

Aphids are small insects that suck the sap from plants which eventually kills them. To protect your plants from these bugs, you should chop up bits of banana peel and mix them into the soil of the plants to prevent aphids from developing.

3. Animated scarecrows

A good way to prevent birds from picking throw your precious garden is to create a lightweight scarecrow using old aluminum cans, CDs, VHS tape, aluminum foil etc. to fashion a modern scarecrow. The scarecrow needs to be light enough to move even in slight breeze.

4. Anti-bug tobacco juice spray

Tobacco juice can be sprayed in the stems and leaves of non-edible plants to prevent insects from munching on them.

5. Use old pantyhose as insect shield

A good way to protect your fruits and vegetables like zucchini, cucumbers, pears, apples and melons while they are growing is to cover them under lengths of old pantyhose sewn together. It acts as a net that is breathable and keeps out insects and bugs from their leaves.

6. To keep out deer and rabbits

If your garden boarders the jungle or if you have rabbits in your region, a good way to keep them out of your plants would be to scatter pet and human hair around them. You can also pee a protective barrier around your flowerbeds though a rotten egg and water mixture works just as well. Precious trees and shrubs can also be protected from rabbits and deer by hanging length of pantyhose filled with leftover soap on them.

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