Skincare routines for kids

Skincare routines for kids
You may think that your kids don’t need to have a skincare routine in place before they hit puberty. However, the amount of air pollution, chemicals in cosmetics and germs that their skin is exposed to each day could damage their skin immensely by the time they hit their teens. Here are a few tips on the processes you need to include in your child’s skincare routines.

1. Anti-bacterial washes

During the summers, after periods of sweaty activity or once a week in any weather, children should be given a thorough bath with an anti-bacterial soap or by using an anti-bacterial bath gel. This would keep your kids’ skin free of irritants and prevent rashes and infections.

2. Oil massages

As long as you are bathing the child yourself, you should give her a full body massage with a good, natural oil. This would ensure that your child doesn’t develop stretch marks when she hits a growth spurt and helps keep her skin lustrous and glowing as well.

3. Moisturizers

Children’s skin may be stripped of its natural oils and moisture through explore to hard water, dust, sun and chemical laden lotions and sunscreens. This makes it even more important for parents to rub some good quality moisturizing lotions onto their skin thoroughly after each bath and shower.

4. Sunscreens

Most parents only apply sunscreens on kids’ skin when they have to spend a day at the beach. But children’s delicate skin is twice as likely to be damaged by the sun during the course of a normal day in comparison to an adult. To ensure that kids’ skin is protected from harmful UV rays, you should always apply a good kid-specific sunscreen to the exposed areas of their skin during sunny winter days and the peak of summer.

5. Foot, knee and elbow exfoliation + moisturization

Kids aren’t good at scrubbing their elbows, knees and heels which can lead to a buildup of dead skin in these areas. Parents should scrub off their elbows, knees and heels with a washcloth during baths and moisturize these areas with a deep skin conditioner or Vaseline jelly each night to prevent the skin from cracking and darkening.

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