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Waste egg cartons can be the workers of your garden

Whether it is your indoor or outdoor garden, waste stuff can be recycled here in many creative ways. A common waste product available in every home is the egg carton that usually goes into a waste bin, thus polluting the landfills and environment. Here are some wonderful ways in which this waste material can be utilized to its best. Check these out.

Make compost


Did you know that you could use your waste egg cartons as materials in your compost? If you have a garden and you prefer to make your own compost, then paper egg cartons and even eggshells can be added to your pile created for composting. Your effort will not only prevent landfills from being spoiled, but will also give you enriched compost for garden soil.

Germinate seeds

Germinate seeds

Image Source : TheEverBuddingBear

Another interesting use of egg cartons can be done for the germination of seeds that you later need to plant in your indoor garden. It is not necessary that you only have to use a planting tray or pot for this purpose. Egg cartons are already divided into cells and can be quite effective for seed germination purposes. These are also lightweight and simple to use.

Feed birds

Feed birds

Image Source : Viralnova

It can be quite creative to recycle and use an egg carton as a bird feeder. You can attach strings to its sides, put some birdseed in its cups, and hang it on a tree or patio roof. Birds, as well as the environment will thank you for this effort.

Turn into a planter


Image Source :  LifeHack

You can have a unique kind of planter if you use waste eggshells and an egg carton. In fact, creating an eggshell planter can also be a wonderful DIY project for you. You can collect some moss from your garden itself and take flowers from a local store. Plant your flowers in the eggshells as you normally plant them in a pot. Then, you can arrange these eggshells in your egg carton. You will get a lovely planter to keep anywhere in your indoor garden.

Create a grass caterpillar

grass caterpillar

Image Source : Kidspot

If you want to recycle waste egg cartons, then another idea is to make it go completely green with a grassy structure. One such thing can be a grass caterpillar for which you will need to make small V-shaped cuts on top of all your carton cups. Then, you can insert a wavy plant from one side of your carton and push it to another side so it covers the entire tray. You can now plant green grass into all the cups. As the grass grows, you will see the beauty of your caterpillar. In fact, this can also be made by kids as a project.

Light up your indoor garden

string lights for your indoor garden

Image Source : Brit

Egg cartons are great to be reused to make string lights for your indoor garden. You only need to separate all cups by cutting them and using them as lampshades. You can also do some creative cut and craft work with these shades. Then, each light bulb in the string needs to be fitted in each cup. This gives you a radiating creation for your garden.

Use as paint palettes

paint palettes

If you need to do any painting or artwork in your garden, then you can repurpose your egg cartons as paint palettes. If you have plastic egg cartons, then these can be more useful because you can easily rinse out colors.

There are can be many purposes in the garden for which you can reuse and recycle your waste egg cartons. This will keep the landfills cleaner and our environment greener.


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