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Warmer spring spurring the ‘otherwise punctual’ cicadas’ early emergence

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Revealing the changing climate upon the U.S. Midwest, the cicadas are found to crowd the trees and fill the air with their distinctive mating call about a week ahead of schedule! But why?

The usually punctual Brood XIII bugs seem to be confused by the prevailing average April temperatures. The changing climate, i.e. increasing warming is having its distinct impact on the bugs’ emergence date.

This changing climate might alter the little-understood life cycle of the cicadas soon, if climate continues to change at this rate for a little longer.

Finding April temperatures’ distinct guiding of the cicadas’ emergence schedule, Kritsky of Mount St. Joseph said,

Average April temperatures had a good correlation with emergence-which means temperature increases impact the emergence date.

He further said,

If a 65-degree-Fahrenheit (18-degree-Celsius) soil temperature is the key, “they may well emerge earlier.

If this is the trend, the mid-Atlantic region will brace for Brood XIV next summer!


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