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Decades-long ancient ‘mega-droughts’ may struck Southwest U.S. again: Study

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With the Southwestern regions already under the ‘dry spell’ for six decades, the inhabitants there look forward to find yet another dry 2007.

Yes, an ecology professor at the University of California, Los Angeles has come up with this disappointing forecast for the southerners. This is what the upper Colorado trees’ growth rings reveal.

The tree-ring data reveals a “knee-jerk” history of mega-droughts the West has experienced that lasted ten times longer than anything the modern U.S. has ever seen! Is the future has something like in store?

If history repeats itself, it would shake the regions culture, economy and the environment with millions of people living in Southern California today.

They life thrives on water from the Colorado as well as from local rainfall and snowmelt in the Sierra Nevada.

This is really grim a news for today’s Westerners, who rely on wetter years interspersed through a drought to fill reservoirs, and may have to move away for the region to find their life-supporting environment.


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