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Already saturated Southern Ocean losing its carbon soaking ability fast

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Researchers are in hunt for more carbon sinks to help the increasing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, majorly leading to global warming. Be it the ocean or forests, both are capable of locking up carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, that does not contribute to global warming.

But, with an increase in winds in the Southern Ocean the carbon sinks lose their ability to soak up carbon dioxide. Raising concerns among the scientist-fraternity, the Southern Ocean has been found to be already saturated with carbon dioxide and that too, at least since the 1980s.

It is naturally a matter of concern, that one of the world’s biggest carbon reservoirs, which accounts for 15% of the global carbon sink is losing its carbon preserving capability, while on the other hand, the industrial revolution is leading to unprecedented release of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Now, it’s high time for humans to make sense of their activities that help cut down on CO2 release.

When the Southern Ocean can’t accommodate the natural carbon brought up to the surface by the winds, how will it absorb more of the greenhouse gas generated by humans – either from factories, coal-fired power plants or petroleum-powered vehicle exhaust?!…

The thought of the consequences are themselves alarming!


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