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Vinegar is a pretty handy thing to have around home

Vinegar is a very useful product that can quite helpful for cleaning purposes. As it is also an inexpensive product, you may buy it in bulk to be used around your house. Vinegar can find amazing uses by replacing harsh chemicals. You may call it a magical tool that can be of good help in varied ways. Check out how this kitchen ingredient can be used for several other purposes.

To remove drain odors

If you have drains around your house and they smell odd, then vinegar can be of good help. You could take a cup of white vinegar and pour it in the smelly drain. Make sure that you do not run water through this drain for an hour or so. Later, you may run sufficient water to flush it. It is very likely that the vinegar will have taken care of the smell. However, this process can also be repeated once or twice if the smell is intense and is not removed at the first time.

To remove mildew stains

You may find mildew stains on any surface. These stains can be simply removed by using vinegar. You can also dilute vinegar by adding an equal amount of water. This diluted vinegar can be used to clean mildew stains on a soft surface. If stains are heavier, then use concentrated vinegar for the surface.

To get rid of sticky labels

You may have sticky labels on your car’s glass or on house windows and doors. Wherever you find the label goo, just use full-strength vinegar to get rid of the residue. If the residue is quite sticky, then pour some vinegar on the surface and let it rest there for a few minutes. After some time, wipe it clean.

To clean windows and vinyl flooring

Avoid using chemical cleaners to clean your flooring or windows. Just add some vinegar in a spray bottle and start cleaning glass surfaces. You will get an effective shine. You can also use vinegar mixed with water to mop your vinyl flooring. It works quite effectively on floor stains. However, stay away from using vinegar on another type of flooring.

To wipe away rust

Vinegar is also powerful enough to wipe away rust on your iron tools. If you find rust deposits on your iron tools and pipes, you can soak them in vinegar overnight. Later, these tools can be cleaned using a brush. Remove the remaining rust by wiping the tool with a cloth.

To use as an air freshener

If you have vinegar solution in a spray bottle, then use it as an air freshener. While it may smell awkward for a minute, it will soon smell fresh.

To treat sunburn or insect bites

If you have sunburn or insect bites on your skin, then try rubbing some vinegar on your affected skin area. You will feel better in a few minutes. If you are eager to get rid of itchiness, then reapply vinegar a few more times.


Vinegar is a simple kitchen ingredient that can find many uses around the house. While it can remove pungent odors, it can also treat hard stains and rust on varied surfaces.


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