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Video: Colorado’s eco-friendly Blu Chalet receives its first residents

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Michael and Nikki Fischer just recently moved into the Fischer Chalet in Breckenridge, Colorado. It’s an eco-friendly and hi-tech abode designed by Michelle Kaufmann designs for Blu Homes. The first residents saw it developing from steel and wood to a full-fledged residence before their own eyes. “From the initial concepts through completion,” the factory-built Blu home promises a smaller ecological footprint.

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The Fischer home has novel design features coupled with some truly green, energy-saving technologies. It has a modern cedar v-groove siding, a pre-cast concrete and foam foundation, spray foam insulation and a high efficiency furnace. The overall adjustments amount to a 30-50% of energy-cost reduction. Moreover, a spacious layout touting tall windows for natural light enhances its green appeal. Especially for its non-toxic cabinetry and renewable bamboo floors, the eco-house unswervingly makes the first inhabitants proud.

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Via: PRNewswire

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