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Video: Carmanah’s solar marine lantern survives violent testing

carmanah lantern

Never did a solar lantern undergo such harsh treatment. Even after subjecting it to high-pressure waves, fire hoses and some heavy pelting of mighty boulders, Carmanah Technologies’ solar marine lantern dubbed solar LED M650 held its own. More to the point, the YouTube video of its extreme testing shows that it survives when banged by baseball bats, submerged and exposed to a 100,000-volt simulated “lightning strike.” The video after the jump shows how it was mistreated.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39wsol8zl3s&hl=en&fs=1&color1=0x234900&color2=0x4e9e00&border=1]

Technical Specifications

Its equally impressive performance complements its inflexible exterior. The solar lantern made of recyclable materials adjusts to the location so very fluently thanks to an en suite “intelligent deployment” feature. Its other features include up to four nautical miles of visibility, a convenient USB connection and a numeric display showing a flash code, intensity levels and battery status. A peak intensity of 44 candelas makes it one of the most powerful lanterns for marine purposes.

Via: MaritimeJournal

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