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Upgrade your home with these off the shelf planters


Plants inside decorative planters can change the ambience inside a home. The innovative your planter is, the more appeal will it have.

Mason Jars

Mason jars can be useful in decorating your living room. Using them as planters can bring life to your living room or kitchen. Arrange these jars on racks in the kitchen, plant spices or herbs in them. You will relish the fresh produce of your home and the ambience will be filled with the aroma of the herbs. Alternately, you can plant flowers and keep it on a shelf in the living room.

Floppy disks

If you get hold of the small sized, 3 ½ inches, floppy disks, don’t just throw them as junk. They can serve as small planters and decorate your windows. Take a square box the size of a floppy disk and glue a floppy disk on each side. Plant a small beautiful plant or a flower in the box and keep it next to the window. The plant in the floppy disk will be happy around the window for getting ample light.

Boot planter


The old boots that you no more wear can contain a plant and serve you as a planter. The boots are bigger in size as compared to a shoe, so better suited for a planter. Else, any shoe can serve the purpose. Remove the inner soles of the boots, drill two three holes on the bottom sole so that the water can drain out. The inner soles are not required and also removing them makes more space for the soil inside. Put soil and plant one of your favorite plants in it.

Birdcage planter

We are sure you must be thinking, hell these are crazy ideas for a planter. If you have a large enough birdcage, insert a potted plant inside it. This will make it a great decoration piece, especially for your patio or garden. If the birdcage you have has a deep tray at the bottom, drill a few holes for the water to drain. Fill the tray with soil and plant a plant inside it.

Mini cork planter

Now on when you open a wine bottle, preserve the cork. Plant a small plant like a succulent in it. To make things more dramatic, just glue a small magnet on each of the ‘planted’ corks. Stick these miniature planters on your refrigerator. A new way to decorate your fridge is born.

Not only the plants and flowers in your home bring positive vibes to your home they also bring colors and joy. An intriguing planter is an icing on the cake. Use any of the ideas above to make your home more vibrant.

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