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Simple gadgets that can make a world of difference in your kitchen

Food scale

You don’t need hi-tech and expensive gadgets for a healthy kitchen. Simple gadgets can prove to be useful and help you in making your kitchen a healthy place.

Rice steamer

A rice steamer will give you perfectly steamed rice. If you reheat the rice especially in a utensil,the rice grains break. In a steamer,the rice grains remain intact no matter how many times you reheat them. Oatmeal, barley and other whole grains also cook well in the rice steamer.

Food thermometer

There is a variety of food thermometers available these days. Apart from the degree of sophistication, all serve the same purpose. For making perfect dishes you need to cook them at appropriate temperatures. A thermometer would be your best friend for cooking at perfect temperatures.

Mortar pestle

These ancient grinding instruments are handy even today. You can crush or powder herbs and spices in the mortar and pestle easily. These herbs and spices grinded in the mortar and pestle would be slightly course and give a distinct taste in the food they are added to. Additionally, these are wonderful items to enhance the décor of your kitchen.

Chef’s knife

A chef’s knife is slightly bigger in size and is sharp enough to chop the hardest roots and all sorts of veggies. Chefs across the world are habitual of using a chef knife for the comfort factor. You can dice, mince and chop a variety of things including delicate herbs using a chef’s knife. With time as you get a grip on the chef’s knife, you would be able to chop things faster than the conventional knife.

Food scale

Food scale

Approximations could be dicey at times,incorrect measure of ingredients in recipes could be disastrous. There is a huge range of food scales available in the market, differing in weighing ranges and convenience. The most easy to use are the digital scales. Measure the ingredients and make perfect dishes for your family and guests.

Stick blender

Whether you want to puree tomato or make baby food the stick blender will help you. The blender is easy to use, easy to clean and put away. You can make superb smoothies at home using the stick blender.You can whip cream, whisk batter for cakes, beat eggs and alsoremove lumps from your gravy with the stick blender.

Many of these gadgets may be lying in your kitchen, you might have not been using them. Use them or get them to make your work easier in the kitchen and enjoy good health.

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