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Understand expectations of your kids to boost their uniqueness

Parents have countless expectations from their kids and on the other hand, parents mean the world to kids. They truly believe that their parents would try their level best to keep them happy and to fulfill their expectations. However, it is important to strengthen the bond so that parents and their kids do not find it hard to relate with each other’s needs and requirements.

Let them be what they really are

mother with sad boy

Kids love their parents the most in the world. They try hard to please their parents. Every time parents pat them on the back, they feel proud and live for such moments. Kids want their parents to believe in them and respect their decisions. Nothing is more painful for kids than to know that their parents do not trust their abilities. Kids want their parents to let them make their decisions so that they can make their own identity. Parents must not compare kids with other kids or even with their siblings, as you cannot expect them to be the same.

A lot of praise

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Kids want their kids to praise them. Parents find it hard to avoid the foolish attempts of their four years old to make them laugh. Even when kids grow up, they try hard to make their parents proud. They are happy to see their parents happy. Do not forget to appreciate the efforts of your kids every time they make an achievement as it motivates them to keep up the good work. Make your kids feel good about themselves since it instigate positivity. Happy kids feel motivated and secure. They push their limits and unblock their full potential to achieve even more.

Support and advice

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Kids want their parents to stand by them when they need them the most. Besides supporting them financially, kids wish their parents could support them in decisions they make and strengthen their efforts. They love to discuss their problems with their parents and want their advice at each step of their lives. Parents must know that even when kids grow up they need someone to share their feelings. Someone who could give them their honest advice but do not judge them.

Listen to them

Heart-to-heart talk

Kids always have so much to share with their parents. They want you to know about their favorite teacher at school and friends who share their lunch with them. They have many questions on their minds and no one but you to clarify their doubts. Parents must develop a relationship of trust with their kids. There are times when you know what they have on their minds and you know what you have to say but make sure you listen to them until they finish. Tell them that they can always come back to you and that they can always trust you with their inner most secret.

Make them understand

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Those parents who get involve into a power struggle with their kids fail to understand that verbal or physical violence can never be a solution for anything. By using physical strength or foul language, they convey a wrong message to their kids. Kids want their parents to discipline them by using love and support. Do not make your kids depend upon you for every little thing. Do not hesitate to make your kids aware of your true feelings as it only strengthens the bond.

A lot of love

Understand expectations (3)

There are times when kids push your buttons and make you lose your cool. Life is not a fairytale. You must not dislike or hate your kids even when they make a blunder. Love them but do not shower your love on them as it may take them in a wrong direction.

Kids depend upon their parents for food, shelter and security. They do not have anyone who could truly understand them and love them unconditionally. They want their parents to correct their mistakes and feel good to see their parents stand by their side.


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