Tips to Transform You Basement into a Home Bar

Transform You Basement into a Home Bar

If you have a place of your own, there is no doubt that you would have thought about having a bar set up at home. It is simply irresistible and every person wants to set up one in his/her home, and honestly, it is not as tough as it seems. It would make your dingy basement the most attractive places of your home (for obvious reasons). Everyone would want to hang out at your place and suddenly, you are the face of every happening party. So, how do you get this up and ready? Here are a few common ideas that you need to go through before you start work in the basement:

The counter:

Ask any bartender, any real bartender, you just need to have a flashy counter. It would look amazing with the right bar stools and furniture. Who would not want to have a drink at this basement bar? To avoid leaking to the floor, get the molding to the table done perfectly. This can be done with different types of wood, but search for something that is already cut to fit your basement top, this way there is zero installation work and your table is good to become a bar counter.

Light it right:

Every basement bar should have apt lighting. Since there is not going to be ample natural light in the basement, it would be a good idea to have low lights that make it perfect for a late night party. You can also have lights that you can dim to your choice, it would make it customisable and single wirings would make it very easy for usage. It does give a classy touch to bar, thus it would be one of the convincing factors, without any doubt, for anyone to get a drink. Choose low cost 2W bulbs here, as it would be perfect with a basement bar look. LED Strips are an instant favourite and they are cheap solutions too.


Do not think about taking your old mini fridge for an afterlife. You can keep it fresh with some ice buckets or some bottled beers that are in the cold mixers. A beverage center would cost a little but would look elegant under your bar counter. If this is within your budget, go for it. Else, get an ice pack to get things cool.

Keep it stocked:

You never want to run out of beer or whiskey at the basement bar. So make it a perfectly apt with a simple storage box that is at the back of the basement. You can have two boxes, one for the shelves that keep all your mixing juices and another for all your liquor. Therefore, you can always have your non-cooled bottles like Vodka and Whiskey here while the shelves hold your soft drinks, juice and even beer mugs. Keep the right space for such a need; you would need plenty of it.

Keep it cool:

The last thing you want to do is sweat it out when you are having a drink with your friends. So keep it cool with an air conditioner or plenty of ventilation through bottom windows. Small table fans are a lifesaver in such conditions. You can have a good idea on the lighting you pick considering the heating too. We do not recommend halogen bulbs, as it would make your basement bar warmer quickly.

The last and most important element in your basement bar is the fun quotient. Grab your fun attitude and get your friends over for a drink to unwind. There is nothing like a good chilled beer to celebrate your new basement bar.

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