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Preparing a disabled child for kindergarten

Transition to a kindergarten is a joyful moment for a child and for parents, and it is an anxious moment especially when a child has disabilities. Parents feel tense and worried because they are doubtful if it is the right time to put their child to school. Parents need to do an intentional preparation before putting their disabled kid to kindergarten. If you being a parent are not sure as to how you should go about this transition process, then read further and find some ways that will make this transition of your child more joyful and less anxious for you.

Collaborate with the IEP team at least a year before

IEP stands for Individualized Education Program, which contributes a lot to the success of a disabled child in a school, and makes it a joyous journey for both, the child, and the parents. Parents should start planning and making up their minds to admit their child to kindergarten almost a year before it actually intends to happen. First, parents should get in touch with the IEP team and enquire about all the requirements, as in what all skills and what level a child must possess in order to be eligible to get admission to kindergarten.

The IEP team proves to be of commendable help, as it teaches parents some effective ways they can use to develop kindergarten skills in their disabled child. If parents desire, the IEP team often suggests community resources as well. As not all schools are disabled friendly, so parents are supposed to consider the specific school choices available in and around their location, and IEP team is one source that can suggest you some of the best special schools that suits you.

You can also visit some special schools with the help of IEP team and judge kindergarten children, both who are beginners and the ones who are at the end of their session. Doing this, will give you a clear understanding, as to how efficient a particular school is and how beneficial it will be for your child.

Identify the level of readiness for kindergarten in your child

Your child does not require to be proficient at reading, writing, mathematics, or science to qualify for kindergarten, rather they only require to have a good attitude and a basic understanding and ability for communication skills. Your child must be able to communicate his needs and wants, should be attentive and ready to sit in class, be ready to learn, should know number counting until 20, should be able to use pencil and a paintbrush for artwork, and recognition for all alphabets. If you are confident that your child scores well on everything mentioned above, that means he is fit for a kindergarten admission.

Prepare your child for the transition

Parents have to put in great deal of efforts to make their child ready for the first transition, an entry to the kindergarten. You need to start preparing your kid much before the actual time. The readiness skills mentioned above do not come in a child in a day, or a matter of few days, rather they require continuous efforts to teach a child those skills, especially a disabled child takes much more time to learn the required skills. You should take your child to a kindergarten class, and make them sit there for a while to acclimatize them to the class atmosphere if possible. Read out kindergarten books to your child everyday and you can also take pictures of a classroom and then talk to your kid about pictures of kindergarten.


Preparing a disabled kid for kindergarten is bit challenging but this challenging task becomes a lot easier when parents take right steps, like collaborating with IEP, and preparing the child for school.


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