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Six bizarre museums that would give you an experience of a lifetime

<![CDATA[A visit to one of such museums would surely take to a journey to another world. The sole idea of having one such museum is extremely fascinating and out of the world.

The Grant Museum of Zoology, London, England


The house of almost 67,000 specimens of animal brains, The Grant Museum of Zoology presents a rare collection. A Part of University College London, the Grant is actually a teaching college. One of the most alluring collections is a giant snake’s skull that seems to be coiled around a branch and that too placed closed to other specimens. You can find beautiful collection of African forest elephant skulls and a large skull of an Asian water Buffalo too. (Source)

The human body museum, Bangkok


Visiting two small rooms full of human bodies and that too when theses bodies are kept there after dissection would surely be a scary experience. You can have such an experience of scaring yourselves by visiting Siam Square, which is the home of 14 dissected human bodies from Japan. You can have a close look at the human nervous system, the network of arteries and even multiple layers that covers the skin. (Source)

Iceland’s Penis Museum


The only place in the world where you can see 276 penises, the collections that can actually make you learn a little more about male sex organs. The smallest penis is two millimeters that belongs to a tiniest hamster to the huge in size penis of sperm whale, which is 1.7 meters. Even the decoration of the museum is done using theses private parts of animals, like lampshades that are made if bull testicles and the huge in size penis of Canadian Walrus. (Source)

Corpus human body Museum, Amsterdam, Holland


It would certainly be a thrilling experience to get inside a 115 feet tall replica of a human body and the fact that it gives you all the requisite information about how a human body functions makes the experience worthwhile. It is not only to see but you can actually hear and feel how the body functions and you can even witness the importance of food and exercise in the body. The process of sperm fertilizing as egg via 3D glasses makes it worth experiencing. (Source)

Siriraj Medical Museum, Bangkok, Thailand


You can observe the body parts and images of those who died terrible deaths, being murdered or in accidents. All your wild imagination comes true as you enter the museum of death. The preserved remains of babies all deformed and conjoined are enough to give shivers to anyone, but at the same time gives you the feeling that these kids could not live longer to see the world. You can witness the distorted human body if attacked by someone with a sharp knife. In addition, how your skull would look like if bullets puncture your bones. (Source)

Meguro Parasitological Museum, Tokyo, Japan


Roundworms, hookworms, flukes, nematodes and even leeches Meguro Parasitological Museum has it all under one roof. The Museum has a collection of small parasites to huge insect replicas that can give you a feeling of being real. The museum is made to educate people about the life cycle of parasites displaying three hundred actual specimens. (Source)]]>

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