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Tips to help you prepare your home for the rainy season

So you are all set to welcome the rainy season with a variety of safety measures, right? But what about your home? Is it ready for the monsoon? Well, this article is to provide you some useful tips about preparing your home for the rainy days. Here we go:

Keep the drainage system normal

When it comes to making your home monsoon-ready, the first and foremost thing that you need to do is to inspect every single element of your drainage system including gutters, downpipes, rain heads, drains, etc. The flow of water through this system might get hindered due to the presence of dry leaves, parched twigs, pebbles or any other obstacles. In such a situation, regular or frequent rain can cause serious flooding. If the gutters on the roof of your home are blocked, rainwater will simply start seeping through the windows and end up spoiling the paint of your rooms. Therefore, make sure that your drainage system is working perfectly fine in order to avoid monsoon disaster.

Seal up all your doors and windows

Doors and windows are two most important openings of our homes and we must be very careful about sealing these prior to the beginning of the rainy season. It is always recommended that you take a close look at each and every door and casement of your house to know which ones are absolutely okay and which ones need immediate repairing. Make use of commercial rubber or exclusive waterproof sealer for sealing up the openings, while medium to large cracks can be mended by using caulk as fillers. This way you will be able to stop rain water from entering your house during the monsoon.

Take preventive measures for strong wind

When it comes to fighting against the rainy season, we cannot ignore the effects of rainstorms. Most of the times, strong winds make this natural phenomenon more destructive and we find our home or backyard to be largely damaged. There are a lot of things which can flutter, glide, drop, tilt or get crooked due to strong and random airflow. It is highly detrimental and you need to take proper preventive measures to avoid these. Items, which have been unused for long time, should be trashed. On the other hand, things that you will not need during the rainy season must be put in garage for safety.

Take other precautions

Apart from the aforementioned factors, there are many other simple yet essential things that you should not forget while preparing your home for the rainy season. These include applying a fresh and new coat of waterproof varnish on the wooden doors and casements, maintaining the level of water of your home swimming pool as low as possible, and so on.


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