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Best ways to use the space under stairs

Is the space under the stairs at your home is left unutilized ? Do you want to make the most of it? Well, here are some great ideas for you. Find out the best ways to use that awkward corner and add a touch of elegance to your home:

Wonderful Storage Area

The most effective way to make use of the space under stairs is to turn it into an ultimate storage place. You perhaps do not have any idea about how wonderfully it can be designed. There are a number of shelves and built-in drawers, which are available in the market in a variety of shape, size and design. From frequently used kitchenware to the sports accessories of your little one, everything can be stored here. If you wish, you can also make this space a hallway storage by placing shoe shelves, coat holders, etc.

Impressive Powder Room

Think a little bit about the needs of your guests. What about setting a small yet essential powder room under the stairs? A couple of toilet equipment and accessories will make this guest bathroom perfect. However, if you run out of space, install only a single toilet and a single sink. Try to plan the entire thing in an organized way. Also, take the help of a professional regarding the plumbing issues.

Perfect Laundry Corner

So you want to put all your laundry items out of sight? The space under your stairs can help you immensely by serving the purpose of a laundry nook. You can easily find place for each of your laundry supplies there and give your home a decent look. Hanging a beautiful drape or installing a door in the staircase will make the space even more eye-catching.

Mini Home Library

If you are a book-worm with a huge collection of books, journals and magazines, creating a mini home library under your stairs will be a great choice for you. There is no need of a spare room or else for storing your favorite books. Rather, make the most of the unutilized space right below the staircase. Just add a few book shelves and a relaxing armchair, and you are all set to enjoy your reading time.

Cozy Seating Area                                                                                 

What can be more interesting than turning the space under your stairs into a cozy and comfy seating area? You do not need to invest a lot of money in creating a nook-like seating arrangement. A small sofa set, a few soft and snug chairs, an adorable centre table or coffee table, etc. are enough to make that uncomfortable corner a comfortable one.


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