What you should consider before buying a log home


Are you planning to buy a log home? You must take all important factors into account before investing in such houses and make a well-informed decision. Here are three most important things which you should consider before buying a log home. Go through them:

Type and quality of logs used in construction

The first and foremost thing that you need to consider prior to purchasing a log home is the type or species of the logs used for construction. It helps you get an idea about the quality of the logs and whether you are going to get the optimum results from them or not. There is a wide variety of wood available in the market, which are used to make log homes. Some of them include red cedar, white cedar, white pine, yellow pine, red pine, etc. High-quality woods should always have certain excellent qualities like little mass, minimum concentration, low moisture content, softness, thermal insulation, resistance to weather, natural repulsion from insects, tight and straight grains, white sapwood, red heartwood, attractive tint, beautiful aroma, and so on. Therefore, while buying a log home for yourself or your family, make sure that the logs used in construction are developed from superior wood and possess all or most of the aforementioned qualities.


Methods followed for the attachment of logs

Once you are convinced with the features and value of the logs, put a close eye on the joinery techniques. It is of utmost importance that you opt only for houses which have followed good methods of attachment during the construction. Fitting logs firmly with one another can be quite tricky as different types of wood respond in different manners to it. But it is still necessary for ensuring a weather-tight comfortable home, especially for those scorching days of summer and chilling days of winter.


Techniques used for the processing of logs

How the logs were processed before building the house should also be one of your biggest concerns. There are two vital factors which you need to consider for this purpose. Have a talk with the builder or the seller of the log home to get information regarding their processing. The longitudinal splits formed on the logs during the drying procedure, the extent to which the logs would absorb oil or other protective stains, the possibility of developing leaks or cracks in the logs, etc. should be discussed before taking any decision.


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