Tips to care for and extend the life of your wicker furniture

<![CDATA[Wicker furniture adds style and a beauty factor to a dwelling. Like any other furniture item worth its salt, wicker furniture needs to be taken care of as well. The good thing is, it can be remarkably easy for maintenance. Here are some tips that will help you keep your wicker furniture in top shape for a long time:

Maintenance: Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush to remove the dust from the wicker furniture items. If not a vacuum cleaner, one can use a paint brush to remove that dust that gets accumulated in the fissures with the passage of time. In case if something gets stuck in it, tweezers can be employed to pull it off.
In case you or the kids at home spill something on the wicker furniture, do not worry, you can use a clean wet cloth with some detergent on it, to clean the furniture pieces.
Keep an eye on humidity: The wicker furniture stays happy at the places where the humidity level is quite good. Try to maintain a good amount of humidity at the places where the wicker furniture items are placed. If required, you can also use a dehumidifier.
Do you see mildew or mold growing on your wicker furniture? Do not delay and remove it with a solution of bleach in water, the moment you see it. Once cleaned, remove it from the area where these grew on it.
Use the cushions on top of the sitting area of the wicker chairs. This will increase the life of the seats for a long time.
Shift the furniture with care: Take a special care while moving the wicker furniture items, from one place to another. Lift it up and carry them carefully. Place it very gently where you want it to be.
Keep this type of furniture inside the house (it is advisable), as the outside temperatures might damage it.
Synthetic wicker tends to stay longer than the others. Wicker furniture adds beauty to the interiors of the house, just that these items needs a little more attention in comparison to the other furniture items made of glass, or wood.

Take some time out, play your favorite music and start cleaning the wicker furniture items. Make this task enjoyable and your furniture will be good as new for a long time.


Your wicker furniture looks great, but are you worried that it will get damaged soon with regular use? Well, if you follow some basic tips, you can maintain the wicker furniture for long time.]]>

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