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Selecting the appropriate fabric for outdoor patio umbrellas

<![CDATA[The outside space does not always have trees to provide adequate shade. In such cases, Patio Umbrellas are great items that not only look good but are also very useful. These umbrellas are available in variety of fabrics these days. So, now the question is which are best suitable fabrics when we have to choose a patio umbrella for the outside area? The fabric should be such that it should be able to bear the sun during summers. Here, we list down some of the most widely used materials that make a Patio Umbrella suitable for the outdoor areas.


It is completely synthetic product and very economical. Polyester has a low weather and UV ratings. Choosing a light color polyester based patio umbrella can be a good idea. Patio umbrellas made of polyester are quite popular for the outside spaces.


Vinyl is widely used in beach umbrellas and commonly used fabric for patio umbrellas. This material is easy to clean and dries quickly. It is a type of plastic produced from petroleum.


It is the most popular fabric when talking of patio umbrellas. It comes in variety of designs and colors.  The material is quite affordable as this is a synthetic material. A number of colored pigments are applied to the fiber due to which the ultimate product does not fade away easily, as the color tends to penetrate deep inside. Acrylic is easy to clean and maintain and this fabric does not produce any toxins, which makes it environment friendly.


Manufactured from synthetic fibers, olefin has a nice finish but has less UV tolerance. This fabric does not absorb water but it cannot handle oil. Oil droplets tend to leave permanent marks on this fabric. Olefin is also used in the manufacture of various other items.

When a person goes to buy patio umbrellas, they are actually looking for some quality product. For the outdoors, people look for reasonably priced products that are of good quality. The fabrics mentioned above are widely used so you can pick the one that you like and suit your needs and budget.


Summer are coming, so these patio umbrellas are a good way to get the appropriate shade by the pool side or just your patio. Spend some time to decide which would be most suitable for your use.]]>


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