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Tips to Build a Green Patio

Build a Green Patio

If you are an eco-aware and eco-friendly person, it is only sensible that you lead a lifestyle that is reflective of it, not excluding your garden patio out of it as well!


The pros of a green patio

  • Find eco-friendly building materials that don’t require maintenance since such processes involve poisonous chemical treatments. Here are some options-

-Use composite decking, composed from recycled materials, that never needs to be sealed, treated, or painted like wood decking.

-Avoid rashly harvested, and expensive, luxury decking materials such as ipe, a tropical hardwood.

-If you choose to go for a wood deck, insist on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood, so you can be sure that it’s been harvested in a sustainable manner.


It is catching up!-

Eco-friendly and sustainable projects are growing trends in the home and build category. There are many people that want outdoor living spaces that are green and built from premium, repurposed materials. The outcome of using green materials is that the landfills are cleaner and it is another step that property managers and homeowners can take to be more responsible towards the planet. The upside is you can also look into possible tax credits, savings and rebates from setting up of eco-friendly materials.



So called “Natural” patio materials can also pose environmental problems . Stone quarrying usually results in scarring the landscape and causes sediment problems in nearby water bodies, and stone dust is harmful to workers. Lumber and timber products which is intended for outdoor use and in patios are routinely are treated with chemicals and pesticides to serve as protection from insects and weathering.


Eco-friendly materials

When it comes to materials, nowadays there are  composite decking products made from recycled, high-density polyethylene (HDPE). These decking and patio products are more natural-looking than ever and are eco-friendly, and have superior warranties than in preceding years, including fading and stain resistant.


Ask your contractor

Get multiple opinions and quotes from contractors and always ask for referrals.  Also check the contractor for accreditation and to make sure they are licensed and insured. Find a contractor that is well-informed on green building and renovation. Doing your own research on eco-friendly materials that will be sturdy and require less maintenance will make room for you to save on labor costs for upkeep of a deck or patio over the years.

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