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Tips for repairing leaking kitchen plumbing

<![CDATA[A leaking kitchen sink pipes, however small does cause lot damage to both the cabinet and the floor. Leaks can occur due to several reasons, like different parts of the sink becoming old or worn out overtime. Sometimes, it is poor installation that leads to misalignment of the drainpipes, and sometimes it caused by things like food that collect over time in the pipes. Fixing such a problem is quite easy and takes only a little time.

You can check or inspect the place of the leak. One needs a flashlight (or not; if the place is well lit) to use to check under the sink for the fault. At times, it is well as easy as simply tightening any given loose connection and at times it is more complicated. Using a stopper, turn on the faucet and fill the sink half way with water. Once ready to check, allow water to flow down the drain and observe well to confirm the exact location of the source of the leak. It may be a small or a large crack on the drain pipes, some parts fell off or that became misaligned.

Once the source is identified, sometimes it takes simple tightening to solve the issue.  Most pipes are of ‘U’ or ‘S’ shapes and that means nuts are used and they can get loose and misaligned. By use of your hand or a wrench, tighten the loose or slip nuts. Check whether this solves the problem.

If not, It may call for replacement of the various drain pipes. Replacement happens for worn out parts or parts that have become loose overtime. The washers, faucets, nuts, pipes get worn out overtime and need periodic replacement. Remove the seals and washers, undo the fasteners and nuts and clean the pipes off blockages, if any. Purchase and replace the needed parts from the hardware store. To get the correct sizes, you may have to carry the old parts with you to the store.

Summary For the DIY enthusiast, simply fixing loose pipes isn’t difficult. Some pipes may have split or sustained other repairable damage. You can repair pipes, washers and faucets can be repaired depending on the level of damage. After all is well set, open the faucet and inspect the plumbing to check if there any leaks anymore. The above four steps; inspection, tightening, replacement or repair should solve the issue.


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