Best ways to keep your house safe while on vacation

<![CDATA[Going on a vacation can be stressful with constant fears over home security clouding your mind. Employing some simple and useful tips can help you have greater peace of mind while you go off to enjoy your vacation.

Lock doors and windows

This simple and straightforward tip might seem like stating the obvious. However, most holiday makers always forget to do this before leaving for vacation. Most burglars do not really need to use various special tools to break into your home, they simply turn the doorknob or climb through your window and get themselves in, without any mess or fuss and walk away with their loot.

Use the alarm system

The majority of home owners take this for granted; anytime you are going on holiday should be the ideal time to use the alarm especially if you had not done that for some time. If you have none, this may be a perfect idea to invest mainly if you’re going on a long trip.

Ensure you draw your curtains

Do not tempt fate. If you choose to leave your curtains or blinds open, thieves can have a view of exactly what is in the house, whether it’s your x-box, television, or any other thing of value. Do not hang your very expensive belongings just in front of thieves particularly when you are away. Ensure you draw the curtains and have expensive things stashed out of direct view before leaving so that robbers can not tell whether or not you have something that’s worth stealing.

Have your post collected

Ensure you have a friend or a neighbor who can collect your mail or newspapers; you do not want your house to appear as though nobody is present, and piles of newspapers and letters would be a huge giveaway to thieves on the lookout for any opportunity.

Keep lights on

Despite the fact that this may appear to be a big waste of electricity, it does help prevent burglars. Generally, thieves opt for homes that are safe and easy to break in. They believe that they wouldn’t take more than ten minutes of merely simple work to accomplish their mission. A floodlight close to your home is a perfect idea. It does not have to be extremely bright that it disturbs your neighbors; it should simply give ample illumination.

Summary Going off on a vacation does not have to be a troublesome affair. Your presence of mind and common sense can go a long way in throwing potential thieves off the track, and keep your home safe while you are away.]]>

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