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Tips and tricks for achieving a comfortable and romantic bedroom


The bedroom is the most private room in the entire house. It also happens to be the place where you can invest in some quality time with your loved one. As such, you would ensure that your bedroom is comfortable and romantic enough for those intimate evenings. There are many ways you can do that, including these tips which would add that much needed comfort and oomph to your bedroom.

Get the paint color right

The right room color sets the right mood. When it comes to the bedroom, you would need to opt for a shade that is light enough to evoke a sense of calm in the room, and bold enough to arouse your senses. One option would be to go for light colored walls while the ceilings and accessories come in bold colors, thus attaining the perfect balance between both extremes.

Get soft bedding

Nothing translates into a comfortable, romantic bedroom more than a bed with soft, cushy bedding. This way, your bed and bedroom will look cozier and more inviting instantly. Opt for a comforter (possibly two) as well along with some fluffy pillows to increase the liveliness and luxury quotient.

Get a canopy

Nothing can be more romantic than covering your bed with a canopy. Opt for light colored, sheer fabrics that provide just the right amount of privacy while still letting you see through it. Lighter fabrics will also give off a feeling of added softness that is essential for a romantic bedroom.

Get rid of unwanted clutter

Walking into a bedroom that looks like a mess will definitely spoil your mood, something you don’t want to happen for sure. So make sure you clean up the bedroom properly and keep it free of unnecessary clutter. Conceal accessories and any other knick-knacks inside table drawers or storage cabinets. Everything else needs to go into boxes, baskets or trays. While you are it, make sure you keep the bedroom free off projects like folding or ironing clothes, which will no doubt lead to clutter.

Get a soft rug on the floor

A bedroom is hardly complete without a nice, comfortable rug to stand on the moment you get out of the bed. Invest in a good quality rug that is both soft to the touch and non-slippery. Place it on the floor right next to the bed and you will amazed to see how much more cozier the room looks all of a sudden.

Get some soul stirring music

One of the best ways to make a bedroom more romantic is with some soul stirring music. While a TV or large sound system may cause a distraction, you can opt for a mini music player with small sized, but good quality speakers for the desired effect without compromising on floor/shelf space.

Good scents are an awesome thing to have

Walking into a bedroom only to find it smelly like dirty laundry can be a big turn off. Prevent this situation by placing some beautiful scents in the bedroom. Scented candles can make a bedroom smell sweet and look romantic instantly. Or a simple flowers in a vase arrangement can do the trick. Just be sure not to choose strong scents that cab be overpowering.

Your personal belongings

What’s the difference between a hotel bedroom and your bedroom which are equally comfortable, luxurious and romantic? Well, your bedroom has an additional ‘X’ factor to it; personalization. Your bedroom is your private space and so, would need to definitely have some personal items like photographs, gifts and other memorabilia. These would increases its romantic appeal even further.

Wondering how to make your bedroom look more comfortable and romantic? Consider the seven tips mentioned above to achieve the same in an effortless and cost effective manner.slippery. Place it on the floor right next to the bed and you will amazed to see how much more cozier the room looks all of a sudden.

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