The smart devices that make awesome smart homes

Samsung SmartThings Hub

For years, we’ve been hearing about the concept and new ideas of smart homes. But still we’re in early days of smart devices that can automatically manage everything in your house. As all these smart devices are not efficient enough, but handful of them are quite practical and useful for homeowners.

The only problem for anyone looking to make their smart home smarter is that they often get confused to know which smart devices are actually meant for their purpose, and which ones are not that useful.Don’t worry; we’re going to tell you about some of the useful smart home products that can turn your regular home into a smart home. These four smart gadgets are simply great to start with.


While most smart hubs are designed to keep an eye on home security, lighting and connected appliances, the Oasys is meant to conserve the amount of water your use daily. The smart device is aimed at making household water consumption more visible to the homeowners. It provides real-time data on your connected smartphone app for putting regular water use into context.

Oasys is integrated with a wireless sensor that attaches to the home’s water main. Its wall-mounted display features a touch-screen interface to showcase you the water flow level. Just like a band, the device can be wrapped around a water pipe to monitor water level.


It is a smart Wi-Fi security camera and video intercom that’s built cleverly into an outdoor light. It appears like an ordinary porch light, but is meant to stop burglars and uninvited guests at the door. The camera has 720p resolution along with 2X digital zoom, and a viewing angle of 116-degrees. It also features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to keep you updated about unwanted activities via smartphone app.

Kuna’s built-in sensors are able to detect motion so that it can immediately alert you about presence of a potential intruder at the door. Using the smartphone app, you can anytime proceed to watch the camera’s live video feed and also interact with that person via a two-way audio link or a pre-recorded message.

Samsung SmartThings Hub

Samsung SmartThings Hub

SmartThings and Samsung have together created an intelligent home-monitoring system that is extremely adaptable to various IOT devices. It is a router-like device that can keep track of a variety of sensors throughout the home. The Home Monitoring Kit incorporates two multipurpose sensors that keep track of temperature and vibration.

Due to these senses, it can accurately let you know when doors or windows are left open. The Smart Hub can also be attached to an open ecosystem that allows necessary in an ever-evolving technological landscape. All thanks to this feature, the Smart Hub can easily utilize future innovations in home-monitoring systems.


BuddyGuard’sFlare is voice-activated home security system that’s designed to provide you with all of the protection facilities required in one single system. At first glance, it looks more like a mini smoke alarm, but comes with lot of features packed into its tiny disc-shaped layout. It is a self-managing device that comes with Wi-Fi capability and sensors to keep track on when your leave the premises.

As soon as you leave the house, Flare turns on its temperature sensor and motion detector to keep an eye on any movement with infrared. On detecting unwanted activities, its speaker will emit noises, like talking or the sound of someone washing dishes to fool the burglar into thinking someone’s inside the home.

From smart home lighting to security, these Internet-connected devices are can automatically manage everything for you. Meanwhile, these IOT gadgets keep you updated about every single activity in your home.

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