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Style tips for matching ties , shirts and jackets


Each one of us has a desire to look best at all times. It is but obvious to be impeccable with your dressing style. You have to coordinate all the three items, shirt, tie and jacket by choosing the right color, proportion and pattern. The thumb rule is to match tie with clothes and not the clothes with tie.It is advisable to start by matching the shirt and jacket then get a range of ties to match your clothes. If you are interested in getting more insights into matching your ties, shirts and jackets then go about reading the article.

Pick a shirt

You need to be conservative while picking a shirt. White shirts and light blue shirts are definitely a good choice as white is a neutral color and goes with almost every tie and jacket.Nonetheless, you can also experiment with grey and pink shirts having thin stripes.In case you desire of a modest look, trying out patterned or striped shirt in neutral color is a fine option.Additionally, dot patterns are also in trend so experimenting with them will provide impetus to your style. Bold colored shirts, if matched with appropriate ties, offer a sophisticated look. Black shirts are versatile and look smart when paired with different ties.

Pick a jacket

A jacket in neutral color offers complete value for money since it can go with majority of shirts available in your wardrobe. Neutral colors are easy to match than the odd colors like green and orange. If you too wish to wear a sporty look, sports jackets are your thing. They form a good pair with knitted ties, which make a perfect for those needing semi casual look. On the other hand, formal jackets go with club or stripes ties. You can match silk ties with rough weave jackets.

Pick a tie

  • Color

Ties should compliment your entire outfit. Ties are available in different ranges depending on the fabric used. Your wardrobe will be better served if you purchase ties keeping in mind the pattern and color of your shirts and jackets. Any tie will work with neutral shirts but the choice becomes difficult when paired with bold or dark colored shirts.

Go for a tie darker than your shirt as the tie grabs most of the attention. Exception lies when the shirt is black. In such a case, all ties will be lighter than the shirt and a white tie will work for sure. Solid color ties are eye catching and offer a striking contrast when matched with light color shirts, for instance, a red tie paired with white shirt. Avoid extreme contrast and pairing bold colored ties and shirts.

  • Pattern

Wearing a patterned tie will deliver a pleasant look when you are sure that the color in the pattern matches the color of the shirt. Avoid wearing same patterned ties and shirts as they give a distracting effect.

  • Proportion

Ties have different length, size and width.The preferred length of the tie according to the latest trend ranges between 53 to 58-inches and you can determine width of the tie by checking the width of lapels on the jacket. To have balanced proportions let the width of tie be same as that of lapels on your jacket.

Mixing different colors and patterns in ties, shirts and jackets is an art and if done in a right manner can enhance your personality and confidence.The basic rules are to match your tie to the clothes, pick a tie darker than the shirt, always prefer neutral color jackets,avoid large patterned shirts and prefer striped ones.

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