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Additional tips for living with less plastic

living with less plastic

Plastic is practically existent in everything, but dealing with plastic and its waste remains one of the most challenging tasks. Whether in terms of sea pollution or recycling strategies, plastic is a threat to environment. Proving to be an ongoing challenge, it becomes important that we all make efforts to use it less.

With world’s coming together and forming panels on climate change and environment issues, it becomes clearly visible how our bad choices are proving to be a threat to the environment. Plastic that acts as pollutant is categorized into micro-, meso- and macro-debris completely depending on the size of the plastic product used. Having the capacity to affect lands, waterways, ocean and humans health, plastic itself contributes approximately 10 percent of discarded waste.

Every year on New Year, we make some supercilious resolutions like losing 20 pounds, getting slimmer body and travelling the world. This resolution does sound great, but are very difficult to keep. So, rather than making such supercilious resolves, let us try something that is more realistic and can help us lead more sustainable life.

So this time welcome New Year, with “less is more” mantra. A resolve that will help you lead a healthy life and will motivate to adopt sustainable living with less plastic in life.

Say no to plastic bags

Act like a pro when going for shopping, rather than using single-use carry bags, carry your own bags. There is no harm in refusing plastic bags, they not only contribute to plastic pollution, but these usually end up in oceans, threatening the marine life.

Big no to chewing gums

Yes, there is no harm in saying no to chewing gums. Made from butadiene-based synthetic rubber, they are usually considered as polymers. Being non-water soluble, it is not only expensive and difficult to remove chewing gum once dried. Gums are similar to plastic.

Say yes to baked good

Try and buy bakery products as apart from guaranteed freshness they are usually sold in paper.  So rather than bread sold in plastic bags, go for bakery breads and products. Also the chance of bread decomposing in plastic bags is high while bread remains fresh when wrapped in clean cloth.

Pick glass bottles instead of plastic

Made from various materials, it is believed that the toxins discharging from plastic might cause disorders like infertility and cancers in humans. Glass bottles in comparison with plastic bottle are safer and are 100 percent recyclable. Glass bottles also help environment as less energy is used to recycle them and they are safe if re-used.

Bring out your creative side

Yes, your creative side can also help to lead a less-plastic life; when gifting try to decorate the gift with cloth or paper, use cloth based toys for your pets and try to use rechargeable batteries. You can also turn your old clothes into funky bags for carrying groceries and other stuff.

Ask for ice-cream in a cone

Every time while out for ice-cream, rather than buying ice popsicles wrapped in plastic or ice-cream in cups, go for ice-cream served in cone. You are not only treating yourself but also giving a huge treat to Mother Nature too.


Adopting “less is more” strategy will not only help you save money, lead a healthy life but also reduces the plastic usage. Striving for a plastic-free life is a worthwhile goal, which will become easier to follow with passing years. So, as the New Year approaching, let’s try to give our home our earth a thank you gift by adopting sustainable living.

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