Ways to cut and style thin hair

Thin hair is flat and less in volume. The right haircut and style enhances the personality,and can be especially important for those with thin hair.Right styling and cut adds thickness to hair,be it curly or straight. A short haircut is perfect for thin hair whereas long haircut separates the locks and makes the scalp visible.Here are some helpful ways to cut and style thin hair in order to give them a voluminous look.

Blunt cut

Blunt cut

Blunt cut looks the best on thin hair. It gives a fuller and healthier appearance to your tresses. It helps in removing the stringy ends and makes the hair look thicker. This haircut is uniform having no layers. Blunt cuts are easy to style.Blow dry hair using a round brush towards the length of the hair and you are ready with the style.

Bob cut

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Bob cut is slightly shorter than blunt cut.In this haircut,length of the hair reaches down your jaw line and makes them appear thicker.Little layers in front can shape the hair without losing thickness. To style simply blow-dry your hair by throwing them upside down. This will add more volume to hair. Once the hair dry, flip them back and use a round brush to curl.


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Fringes arethe hair hanging on the forehead.They help in giving a thick appearance to the hair.The fringe effectis one of the popular hairstyle followed by people having thin hair. Style the long hair at the back in any manner straight, curvy etc. and flat iron the fringes. For best results, iron until the hair becomes sleek and smooth.

Cropped hair

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Cutting your hair short gives volume and lift to the hair.This is the best hairstyle for those having thin hair.Styling cropped hair is easy and simple.Apply quality styling product to top hair and incorporate a deep side partition to add volume to hair.

Crimped hair

  Crimped hair

Those with long thin hair can add crimped texture to their hair.Use crimping iron to get this hairstyle andgive a wavy look to the hair. Center partition suits the best in crimped hairstyle. It provides a stunning and soft look to hair.To style, initially flat iron your bottom hair leaving the top section untouched. Then crimp the left out topmost layer and get the desired style.


Face Framing Layers

A hairstyle with layers is goodfor short as well as long hair. In the short hairstyle, layers give an illusion of heavy hair.Layers on long hair make them bouncy and at the same time add volume.A side parting suits the best to this hairstyle andimparts a fresh look. To style layers, use curling iron and form loose waves.This will give a wavy andfine look to hair.

Flip haircut

Flip haircut

Thin hair also looks stylish with fewer layers. You can add flips around your face to give a full and voluminous look. Flips look good on medium as well as long hair but the effect comes best on straighter hair. Style using a paddle brush initially and then use curling iron. Break the curls and flip the ends of hair.

When you have thin hair, a proper cut and style is necessary to compliment your personality. It becomes difficult to choosea hairstyle since the hair is less in quantity. Keeping short hair with bob cuts, blunt cuts, cropped hair, crimped hair, fringes and layers not only makes your hair look thick and bouncy but also gives a perfect hairstyle.


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