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The most famous secret societies that have ever existed

“Unknown” as these societies are, they have been assigned motives by their own declaration or by conspiracy theorists. So while world domination may not top their list of achievements, their existence sure does tickle our intrigue. In fact, many members of such societies have reached higher government positions and boardrooms of renowned companies.Here are a few of these most popular secret societies that have ever existed in this world. The Bilderberg Group

The Bilderberg Group

Image Source : Bibliotecapleyades.Net Some of the most powerful people in the world belonged to the secret society formed in 1954. Known as The Bilderberg Group, this society attracted many elites from the fields of politics, media, business, finance, and even the top rulers of some countries.Since this club was involved in secret meetings and had no transparency, it was accused of major conspiracies like worldwide terrorist activities and the Great Depression. The Bilderberg Group is still treated as one of the most dangerous secret societies. Illuminati

freemason symbol

Founded in 1776, Illuminati have been involved in several secret missions and political conspiracies. While they opposed the influence of religion on people’s lives, superstitious beliefs, and the wrong use of state power, they themselves planted their agents in corporate and political setups in order to gain power.With their hidden agendas, they are treated as the ones that backed up major world events like the assassination of John Kennedy and the French Revolution. While the current existence of this secret society cannot be validated, there is a mystical belief that the group still operates. Ordo Templi Orientis

Ordo Templi Orientis

Image Source :  Static.Wixstatic.Com Started in the 20th century, this secret society was involved in several types of occult practices that gave a chance to its members to raise their reputation within the group. It believed in esoteric principles to be a guide to realize a person’s identity. The society is still present and its eccentric members are still fixated on sexual teachings. The Skull and Bones

The Skull and Bones

Image Source : Imperor.Net William H Russell created this secret society in 1832 at Yale University. Many heads of states, as well as the leaders of industry and covert agencies were a part of this society. It is also known that some CIA members were involved with it. While the group conducted various weird sexual acts, it also used masonic-inspired rituals. Rosicrucians


Image Source : Ritmanlibrary.Com Founded in 16th century, Rosicrucians followed esoteric wisdom. This secret society was also involved in spreading occult doctrines. Egyptian Hermeticismand Jewish Cabalism drove their rituals. There have been several mysterious societies on Earth. While their operations always remained a secret, their elite members wanted to rule the world through religious, political, and many other ways.]]>


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