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The interesting and intriguing self-balancing scooter concepts powered by electricity

The concept of electric powered scooters has been around for some time now. Although, these vehicles have received technological upgrades and attractive designs over the years. Here are innovativeelectric powered vehicles, which will make your life easy.

Ninebot One

You can carry this one in your hand, making it an ultra-portable, electric vehicle.The Ninebot One will make you escape the long and irritating traffic jams. The vehicle is just a single wheelthat you can mount on and hover over the city.

Make sure that you have practiced mounting and riding the unicycle scooter, before you try to reach your office on it. After you have mastered riding it, make faces at the people stuck in traffic and smile your way back home.

The single wheel has two supports on the shell, which is where you mount.The circular LED light on the scooter will spin heads when you ride it through the crowd. To carry the scooter, simply pull out the handle on top of the disc shaped uni-wheel. The unicycle scooter runs on a 320 Wh rechargeable battery. To fully-charge the battery, you will have to keep it plugged in for four hours.

A full charge on the battery will help you travel a distance of 21 to 22 miles. You can enjoy cruising on the Ninebot One at speeds between 11 to 13 mph approximately. This non-polluting electric vehicle can carry a maximum weight of around 242 lbs. You will save on fuel, time and parking issues with the Ninebot one.

Self-balancing scooter

Designer Wei Chengyuandesigned an electric self-balancing scooter for personal transportation. The first glimpse of the vehicle reminds us of another electric scooter with a similar design, called the ‘Segway’. You probably might have seen it with the cops in a mall. The Segway was unveiled to the world much earlier in 2001. The self-balancing scooter uses another technology and is quite different from the Segway.

The self-balancing scooter is electric powered and sturdy in appearance. The design of this personal transporter is sleek and bears a unique ‘o’ handle. The vehicle is ergonomically designed and is lightweightto give your easy maneuverability.

To identify the motion angle the scooter makes use of two gyroscopes. A gyroscope shows orientation by utilizing the principles of angular momentum. The technology on which this electric personal transporter runs is patented.



You can carry this personal transporter along with you, inside your office or home. It’s just a single wheel that you would use to transport yourself, which can take you 12 miles on a single charge.

You got to put both feet on both sides of the vehicle, lean a bit forward and glide away at max cruising speed of 12mph. Weighing about 25 pounds, you can carry the wheel inside your premises with the handle provided on top of it. The transporter runs on a 1000-watt electric motor and Lithium-ion batteries.

Lightweight, easily maneuverable, electric powered, stylish and appealing, these vehicles are here to make personal transportation more convenient and easy.

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