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The hard yet effective way to a minimal closet

In today’s world seeing and meeting people who are on a diet is a commonplace thing, cutting down their food intake hoping to shed some weight. Yet another type of dieting, or a habit people are forming is the clothes purging that seems even tougher than actual dieting to many people, especially to some females. Letting go of their Gucci bag or Louis Vuitton shirt they had bought some years back with all their hard-earned money is way more difficult for them than to keep them for some more years in their closet absolutely unworn.

Importance of closet cleansing

Someone has said it so right that clothes and accessories coming with expiration tag would have been one of the most effective formulas to eliminate confusion resulting in no more overflowing closets. This wondrous formula can make things so easy, as everybody would know when they have to purge a specific piece of clothing or accessory lying in their closet.

However, there is no such clear-cut rule as of now, which is why most of us face difficulty managing our closets. Every morning people literally struggle trying their old and no more fitting clothes in their closet, finally landing on something new and wearable. In some closets the condition is so bad that 80% of things are useless because such people underestimate the importance of closet cleansing and purging clothes is just not acceptable to them. For such people, here are some points that can convince you to try out cleansing closet:

  • You waste so much of time everyday pulling out something wearable from the clutter of useless things in your closet. Some even waste time every other day trying those out of shape clothes, or the ones that do not fit you because you yourself have gone out of shape. People, take some time and analyze your situation, and kindly give it a thought, as to is it really helpful for you to keep a stock of useless stuff in your closet, or is it worth to spend some time once and decide what all you must purge out.
  • An organized closet can save a lot of your hard-earned money that you sometimes spend on duplicate clothing and accessory purchase. You can clearly have a view of everything stored in your closet if it an organized closet, thus, helping you escape duplicate purchases.

Your guide to a minimal closet


Purging closet demands a great deal of analysis. Take out everything and glance over every single piece of cloth or an accessory. Take out clothe, shoes, and your makeup stuff that you have not used in the entire year that just passed away. Be honest and whichever cloth or accessory passes this test is not worthy of being there in your closet anymore, so purge them downright.

Get rid of things that do not fit you anymore

Clothes that do not fit in anymore covering more than half your closet space is no motivation but truly a depressant. Once you get back in shape, you can always buy new clothes but seeing those oldies everyday is a torture for your and the closet altogether.

Keep what you like not what others wear

Some people, especially women buy stuff just because they see their friend or someone else wearing it. Get away with this habit and splurge only on things you love to wear, this is one superb way to a minimal closet.

Minimal closet is the perfect form of closet one can have but for that, you must learn to let go of your stuff. You can only keep on buying new stuff if you keep on purging the old stuff, or else have those dirty overflowing closets.

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