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“The Greenest School on Earth” to visit Australia

Green school project and its goal:

Green school is a wonderful project, educating a large number of children across the world with its pioneering sustainability. Green schools provide a nourishing learning environment surrounded by the beautiful natural things that have the direct connection to the natural world. The academic education is provided in a practical way in which maximum lessons are taken outside the classroom. Each subject is wrapped with experiential and environmental learning. The goal is simple and motivational: to provide the students with a such academic education which can make them to develop their skills to be more creative, innovative, and a strong competitor in this big world as well as become an environmentally responsible citizen and come out to be a green leader.

Basic structure of Green schools:

The general structure of green schools goes very much different from the building structures. The campus is designed in such a way which has the least impact on the environment. Therefore, minimum trees are cut down and replanted at the same time. Bamboo is the important material used for the construction. There is plenty of open air structure allowing air ventilation and natural light, which makes them cool even in the hot weathers in the jungle. Green schools grow and consume their own organic food and some of them also have bio-gas and solar projects.

About The Center for Green schools:

The Center for Green schools was established to create a healthy place to learn, play and experience. It believes in imparting education in green buildings, thus promotion the natural world of education. By the promotion of green schools, it has made a positive impact on the student’s heath, the overall cost for construction of a building and of course the environment. The center deals directly with teachers, students, administrators in order to transform all the schools into healthy learning surroundings. So, the mission of creating more and more green schools for this generation is overwhelmed by the people.

Award for the Greenest School on Earth:

Every year the Center for Green schools announces the award for the “Greenest school on Earth”. Green school in Bali turned out to be the winner for this award in 2012. This school will be hosting the community information nights in Australia. This event will provide an opportunity for parents, teachers and visitors to get involved. With a motto to educate more and more green leaders, this school has gained a worldwide attraction in a short span of time. The Green school tour invites parents, teachers as well as other schools to meet and organize green camps etc.

About the winning school “Green school in Bali”:

Green school in Bali is a world-wide famous international school. The holistic approach if the school is to provide a world class education system with the natural world inspiring more and more students come. A very high percentage of Australians visit this school for various tours and Camps. Many of them are already studying in this school. The campus is expanded over a very large area consisting of bamboo architecture and also consist solar-power energy. Australian teachers will be the first one to get the certification of Green school educator followed by the introductory courses by the education expert. Green school also organizes regular green camps, which is a nature-based camp invites people of all ages.

A visit to Australia:

If anyone is looking for a new paradigm in the education system, then the evening events in Melbourne and Perth- a visit to Australia is worth!! The evening will contain the events which will have some sort of discussions like sharing of experiences and events which will help children to overcome their weak points, low confidence or anxiety etc. and also offers wonderful opportunities to be the “Greenest Student on Earth”.

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