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The evolution of wedding dress in the last 100 years

The evolution of wedding dress in the last 100 years

Every year comes with a new fashion and trend. As we talk about the wedding gown, it has changed significantly in the last century. There are so many changes that took place and it keeps changing with time. The classic wedding gown has always been in style no matter which era you talk about. Every wedding gown is carved with exceptional design and details and they all are equally special in their own way. Let’s see the journey and the evolution of the wedding dress in the last 100 years which will take you back in times.

The evolution of wedding dress in the last 100 years

The wedding gown in 1900- 1910

The wedding gown in 1900- 1910Wedding dresses in 1900 featured a very classic look. They used to have high necklines, full sleeves and many layers in the gown. It was especially tucked in the waist (like a corset) and was often emphasized with a corset and frills. Falling over onto the upper half of the bodice to enhance and highlight the shape of the waist which looked very feminine and attractive.

This era was the time of Queen Victoria when she wore this long flowing gown in white colors for her wedding. From here the style changed and in 1910, many brides wore floor-length flowing dresses which were specially designed to make the bride comfortable at the wedding ceremony and dance. This was the time when the wedding dance was customary and the couple uses to celebrate and enjoy their togetherness.

The modification of the wedding gown in 1920- 1940

The modification of the wedding gown in 1920- 1940In this era, the trend of corset began to fade in, and the modern, streamlined designer gown came into light. The gown with beaded embellishment, it was the time when a shorter dress also came into fashion with high neck wedding gown with a sleeveless style, straight fit, and low waist. The time when bridal gown used to have see-through the veil and the long flowing veil has not arrived till this time.

Use of Crown and pearls and beads were also the highlight. In this, the designer showed lesser skin with the straight cut gown. The veil was attached with the crown which looked beautiful with brides keeping their look simple and classic. Overall, in this era, the wedding dress was simple more like a slimmer silk wedding silhouette. The bride who could not afford silk used to wear rayon dresses to get the same look at a lower cost.

The era of the 50s, 60s, and ’70s

The era of the 50s,

Now in this era, the elbow length becomes the talk of the town with lace sleeve and the full skirt flare out from the waist. In other words, in this era, the wedding dresses came back to long and lace sleeve gown. Pearls were still in fashion and the fashion of the crown is gone back. The crown here replaces the capped veil.  Ball gowns with big huge skirts shaped like a lampshade were in style in the 1950s.

However, the strapless dress fashion came in the ’60s with a high neck, long sleeves dresses which got slimmer in this era. It was opposite the ball gown and brides started wearing slimmer fitted column dresses. Some of the brides started using gowns that were in between the ball gown and the slimmer dress. The 70’s era was more of the combination of these two. This was the time when big sleeves with a puff at the shoulder became the trendsetter and most of the brides opted for this wedding gown.

Transformation from 1980s-1990s

Transformation from 1980s-1990sThe year 1980’s, saw the throwback of the embellished bodices and deep necklines from earlier 70’s century as Princess Diana. She was one of the most beautiful and famous brides of this era. Her vintage style with a long overflowing skirt and puffed sleeves were copied by so many brides in her time. The dress was embedded with pearls like beds covering the sleeves and high collars. The materials they used in making wedding gown were seen- through the cloth. In this era, the idea of the smart and bold eye, cheek and lip makeup was high in fashion. This was the time when brides used to get fully dressed up with full makeup and accessories.

In 1990, the skirt with long flowing gown remained in the fashion while necklines were made simple with slim lines. Whereas in 1995, the gown style took a drastic change and they made the style with the off shoulder wedding dress. In these wedding gowns, you don’t need laces, designs or ensemble element to make it more beautiful. Just the off shoulder gave a very attractive look with a wider skirt and prominent waistline which gave a more feminine look to the body. And lastly, the veil was placed on the hair, but on the bun to complete the look.

The modern era of 2000 to 2018

The modern era of 2000 to 2018With the new decade and the new era, the strapless wedding gown came into fashion. Theme wedding and destination wedding was in peak and the brides used to have wedding gown according to the theme and the location. With the strapless gown, the dresses were designed in satin material to complement the figure of the brides.

This era was the time when a figure-hugging or perfectly fitted wedding gown with the straight line was in demand. The more revealing heart-shaped neckline was what brides used to prefer in 2005, which looked extraordinarily stunning. Many of the brides preferred fewer accessories with no veil and messy hair buns to maintain the natural look and focused more on the beauty of their body.

Now comes the recent era, the year of 2015 till date is the combination of all the eras and its fashion too combines and makes the most beautiful gowns of all time. From the gown material to the laces, from pearls and beads to the floral. Even the see-through veils are back in style and in demand.

All the pieces from the past combine well in recent times. Brides now are comfortable to try a different range of gowns, from full sleeves to the half sleeve and from off shoulder dresses to some other choices, the options are endless. One of the astonishing changes took place in the gown is the fashion of illusion design and laces.


Overall, the journey of this beautiful apparel in the last 100 years changed with time and every Era was special in its own way.  The only difference is earlier the option was limited but now with times, there are so many options in terms of the gown, the makeup and also the accessories. Every gown and bride are different from one another which makes this journey even more special.

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