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The brave people who snatched their life from the jaws of death

<![CDATA[Death is inevitable, all of us will meet our fate someday. Interestingly, some men and women have been lucky to survive untimely death. Here are some stories of people who skipped their final destination.

Yossi Ghinsberg


Image Source : SurviveThat.Com

This man ate monkeys to survive! In 1981, Ghinsberg was lost in the Bolivian part of the Amazon Jungle and survived three weeks before being rescued by co-adventurer Kevin and two members of a jungle tribe. Yossi is an Israeli national and based in Australia now. Karl Rurechter lured him to this expedition in search of gold.

Ghinsberg took along two of his friends Kevin and Marcus to Bolivia. Later they discovered that Karl had lied about the gold. The group broke up following a feud. Marcus and Karl disappeared and were never found.

Allan Heywood


Image Source : Mmg.Com.Au

Allan with his dog ‘Lucky’ were ready to set out on an adventure on his boat called Barbie. He had planned a journey from Lake Mulwala to Adelaide. Allan was preparing dinner on the deck of his boat in the evening, suddenly he saw a storm coming towards them. He hardly had any time to react when the tornado hit the boat, Lucky and Allan were thrown away in the water.

He got hold of lucky and swam back to the boat but the tornado hit them again. He could remember nothing when he woke up on the banks of the Kyffins reserve. To his surprise, when he was rescued his clothes were torn apart and he was completely naked. He survived with a few broken bones and internal injuries.

Rachael Shardlow


Image Source : Telegraph.Co.Uk

According to Professor Jamie Seymour of the James Cook University, the survival of a 10-year old girl stung by a box jellyfish is one of a kind. Rachael Shardlow and her brother Sam were swimming in the Calliope River in Queensland, when Rachael was stung by the poisonous creature. Sam pulled her to the riverside, she told him that she was unable to see anything and could not breathe. Rachael became unconscious with the jellyfish still around her legs. Apart from scars and little short-term memory loss Rachael has recovered from the dreadful attack.

Jamie Andrew and Jamie Fisher


Image Source : RadioTimes.Com

These two men scaled Les Droites despite a lot of adversity back in 1999. Unfortunately, they were stuck on the summit with no food and nothing to melt the water. The temperature was – 30 degree Centigrade and winds were no less than 90 miles an hour. On the fifth day, when the weather had cleared, a helicopter found them but due to strong winds, the rescue operation was aborted. Jamie Fisher lost the battle of his life to frostbite and hypothermia.

After seven days, a helicopter reached them for rescue. All four limbs of Andrew were amputated in order to save his life. After going through the rehab process, Andrew has been taking part in several outdoor activities like skiing, paragliding and mountaineering to mention a few.

Anna Bagenholm


Image Source : CbsNews2.Cbsistatic.Com

The survival story of Anna Bagenholm can be termed as miraculous. Bagenholm went on a skiing expedition with her friends back in 2009. While skiing, she lost control, went headfirst into a hole in the frozen stream, and was trapped there with only her feet remaining out of the ice. Unfortunately, her friends were unable to rescue her, when the rescue team finally took her out she had spend 80 minutes trapped inside the hole.

Her body temperature had fallen down to 13 degree centigrade, there was no pulse and CPR failed. After three hours on a machine in the hospital, her heart started beating and the doctors were astonished to see that she wasn’t brain dead either.

Sometimes the ‘impossible’ becomes ‘possible’. Survival stories surely make the survivors optimistic and thankful to nature for the second chance.]]>


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