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Getting up close and personal with your home’s thermostat control

Home has to be comfortable all the time and then only one feels like returning to it every evening after a tiring day out. But imagine yourself coming back to a home that is either chilling or too hot, nobody likes to come back tired to such a home and rather than relaxing first you struggle to bring back the room to a suitable temperature. This annoying situation you will never experience if you have smart thermostat system in your smart home.

Some misconceptions and advantages of thermostat       


Thermostats help you to convert your dumb home not only into a smart home but an eco-friendly home as well. It helps you save energy, as it does not take much time to cool down or heat up your home that is in contrast to many other heating and cooling gadgets people use at home.

Coming to the misconceptions people have regarding thermostats is that its furnace uses a lot more energy to bring the room back to normal temperature once you turn the thermostat off. This is a myth that many studies and years long researches have clarified.

Another misconception is that the furnace put out increased amounts of heat if you raise the temperature of a thermostat. Well, no matter how high or low you keep your thermostat, it releases the same amount of heat every time.

Thermostats with Automatic Temperature Adjustment

There are two reasons that will convince you to buy thermostats, to save energy at home and to make your life comfortable. Thermostats control and bring down energy wastage in your home and they add convenience to your life, as in they enable you to control the temperature right from your cozy bed rather than getting out of your bed in chilly winters especially to program the thermostat.

Automatic or programmable thermostats make your life convenient, as they learn your habits and requirements in the few initial days, and thereafter, they take care of the temperature on their own. You can forget to turn it off before leaving home for office but your smart thermostat would not, as it automatically turns off.

Programmable thermostats have all those features that are designed to make your life comfortable. The microprocessors and sensors store and repeat daily settings, which means you need not restore the settings time and again.

They are so smart that they automatically switch their power modes after sensing a rise or a fall in temperature outside, so that you get suitable temperature inside at all times. The battery back-up saves all the data during power failure so you do not have to reset all the settings and data.

Types of Automatic and Programmable Thermostats

These super smart thermostats are available in five basic types:

Electromechanical (EM) thermostats

This is the easiest of all types and works with almost all conventional heating and cooling systems. Electromechanical thermostats work best for people who have regular schedules because this type lacks flexibility and can only store same settings for each day.

Hybrid systems

The hybrid systems work with most of the cooling and heating devices including heat pumps. They are super easy to use, as it has digital as well as manual slides and knob controls.

Digital thermostats

The ones with LED or LCD display screens are the digital thermostats. They are the most flexible and work with all heating and cooling devices with utmost efficiency. One thing you need to sure of is that you set the settings correctly because then only it can help you save energy.

Occupancy thermostats

These systems lack flexibility but are simple to use. They suit places that remain unoccupied for long intervals the best.

Light sensing heat thermostats

Designed primarily for offices and stores, this type uses the lighting level that activates heating systems.

Automatic and programmable thermostats are energy efficient and they enable a person to control them sitting comfortably in their bed or wherever, without any need to go and manually control them.


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