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<![CDATA[Our celebrities are also serious to take steps to save Mother Nature and to transform the society. They not only are using their influence and popularity to bring about a change and create awareness, but also trying to adopt what […]

One of the most contrasting features we get to see in the world is a person who literally struggles in order to get one good meal a day, and another person who has all the wealth and resources to spend

food waste

We all talk much about air pollution, but few understand that the quality of air inside your home can be bad as compared to the air quality outside. The air is polluted outside but it is not good inside as

keeping your home air clean

Offices don’t score well on the sheet of water wastage as compared to the households. Not just water wastage but the other forms of energy wastage are also high in offices and less in homes. The simple reason is that


Reducing carbon footprint is associated closely with our individual contribution towards keeping the environment safe and green. Human civilization has been producing carbon dioxide in different manners for ages. The carbon dioxide we produce regularly is the major contributor to

reduce your carbon footprint in and around your home

Many people believe that eco-friendliness is an expensive proposition, which not every one can follow. On the contrary, adapting eco-friendly measures can actually help you save a lot of money. In the following sections let us look at how it

Food Wastage

As summer arrives many backpack and head for the forests. Camping can certainly be a refreshing change for us but you also need to make sure that your negative impact on the environment is minimal. You will have to adapt

Making Your Camping Trip an Eco-friendly

<![CDATA[If you would wish to entertain your guests, having a bar in your home is a great way to go0. It also provides the perfect environment to unwind after a long day of hard work and most probably it is

Planning your indoor home bar

A high performance environment is a must for developing a positive work place milieu and to be productive so that you can achieve what you desire. In such a place you are comfortable as well as you also make others

develop a high performance environment

The normal make ups consist of a great deal of chemicals as well as artificial substances that are not good for the skin. Too much use of makeup may result in breaking up of rashes, and pimples. Women also tend

Eco-friendly alternatives to make up products
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