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Lighting your personal bar right

 Pendant lighting

Pendant lighting Pendants are the kind of lighting fixtures that you are to find over most a bar counters. This is because of their variety in fixtures of shade shapes, cord options, canopy shapes and sizes, and bulb types. Though pendant lighting is ideally seen as a single unit fixture,you should keep in mind that multi-pendant lighting is also available as well. However, for the type of the bars that were listed above, a single light unit fixture is suitable. Using pendants allows you to have freedom of placement which creates flexibility for your desired lengths. The following are the different types of pendant lighting:
  • Mini-pendants – they are used for centralized lighting.It has a shade width of about six inches or even less.It’s light output is used for a more intimate and gentle luminace on the surface of your personal bar
  • Large pendants – they are known to provide more light on the surface of your bar.They have a typical shade width of six inches or more.However, you should not try not to use a shade width bigger than twelve inches so that you can still create an ambient light setting over your bar.
  • Multi-light pendants – they  are considered ideal if you want multiple lights connected to one source. They occur in there are different sizes and shapes.You have to keep in mind that pendants are stationary to the canopy so that you will have to place the fixture accordingly so that it illuminates the surface of your bar.
Complimentary Lighting should be done to the following spaces of the bar:

Overall space

Overall space – Recessed lighting provides an option of adding extra ambient lighting. It’s advantages is that it is dimmable, which creates an intimate and functional lighting source. Lighting your liquor displays – While lighting your liquor displays, you should consider using mini-recessed lighting,linear lighting and led strip lighting and puck lights and led discs. Under the bar – this should be done the same as the liquor displays, but there should not be mini-recessed lighting. Wall lighting – one should consider using recessed lighting fixtures tilted at an angle. Summary It is important that a personal bar should be as attractive as other parts of the house. One should use pendant lighting colors that almost match the theme of the house. The lighting colors should not be very bright, to create a cool mode.]]>


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